5 All Time Favourite Movies for Gamblers

If you are movie buff and enjoy playing gambling, then you will really have a great time watching gambling movies. Casinos set the perfect stage for any movie. Shiny neon lights, gorgeous women, stylish tables when all these are paired with excitement of gambling high stakes, it creates the perfect stage to enjoy a good flick. You can find plethora of great films about gambling, casinos and Las Vegas. There are several websites such as Grizzly gambling which offers numerous options in gambling.

Here’s our pick of some of the must-watch movies for all gamblers:

The Hustler

  1. The Hustler – This movie tests the time and tops the list for number of interesting reasons. It is based on the novel “The Hustler”. Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson plays the lead role and has keen interest in playing pool hustler. His dream is to prove himself as the best pool player in the whole country. To prove this, he has to challenge the most renowned player of all times Minnesota Fats and gain victory. The core theme of the movie is about gambling on pool games and there is much in store for you in this movie. It describes about the journey of discovery for Felson. This movie was well-received by the audience and it received nine Academy Award nominations, winning two out of it.

The Cincinnati Kid

  1. The Cincinnati Kid – It is an American based drama film and describes the story of a boy called Eric “The Kid” Stoner. He is a young depression-era poker player and tries to establish himself as the best poker player in the world. It is a movie that depicts gamblers/card players. He gets the chance to prove it when the best players get together in New Orleans for a marathon length poker party. The final poker party and cock-fight scene shown in this movie has been carried out in the best way and has been beautifully captured in photographs and edited.

Vegas Vacation

  1. Vegas Vacation – Clark Griswold is back again with Vegas Vacation and plans for next perfect vacation in Las Vegas. When he reached there things get screwed up. His son Rusty finds out a way to be with Las Vegas’s greatest gambler and wins everything from car to dollars. She learns that cage dancing could pay off well and his wife Ellen falls for Wayne Newton. Clark finds that he has soft spot for gambling tables and bets away too much money.


  1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – It does not has enough casino time covered in it, but still comes in the list of great casino movies. The leading actors Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp play the role of a journalist who travels all the way to Las Vegas in order to cover a motorcycle race. Along with them, they bring about every drug known to man and then decide to search for American dream in city of Las Vegas. This movie has some of the best performance ever of both the actors and fulfils entertainment part with tragic comedy and intrigue.

THE HANGOVER Part III Will Take Place in Vegas and Tijuana

  1. The Hangover – It is an American comedy movie. Tracy Garner and Angelenos Doug Billings are about to get married. Just two days before their wedding, Doug and his two best friends Stu Price, Phil Wenneck & Tracy’s brother – Alan Garner travel in Tracy’s father’s Mercedes to attend a 24-hour bachelor party in Las Vegas. The rest of this movie describes how remaining groomsmen retraced through Vegas to know what happened last night.

Thus, don’t miss to watch out these great movies especially if you love gambling.

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