5 Tips on How to Get Free Instagram Followers


Instagram is a popular platform, millions of users use it every day. It easy to notice that those Instagram Influencers either post pictures with beautiful/ hot models or post pictures show his perfect photography technique. No matter which one your account belongs to, you need to know some useful tricks to let others notice your posts and then expand your influence.


  1. Follow/Unfollow

First and foremost, every Instagram should have its own theme. The most popular themes on Instagram are travel, fashion, fitness, and food. You need to determine your own theme when you sign up for your account.

After determining the theme, go and find other popular accounts with the same theme. Take advantage of the search engine, for example, search the best xx Instagram accounts, and then find and follow them on Instagram. By default, Instagram will recommend similar accounts according to your following activity.  Therefore, you will get more chances to know more other similar accounts. And some users will follow you back because you’ve followed them, this way, you get some free Instagram followers.

Please note that the total following number is limited. If the users didn’t follow you back in 24 hours, you may need to unfollow them and then go to follow other users. Don’t waste the number of following.


  1. Repost your previous photos

It’s important for you to post photos every day to keep your account active. However, it’s hard for you to find or make a great and attractive photo every day. If that, you can repost the previous photos, which may not be seen when you post them.

There is a timeline for all the posted photos. If you’ve already posted hundreds of photos, your new followers may not spend time viewing them one by one. So you can repost some of the classic and attractive photos, together with some popular hashtags to get more attention from your followers.


  1. Comment on others’ photos

Search the popular hashtags and find the posts very suitable for your account theme, and then leave your comment. Express your sincere appreciation to them, and introducing yourself briefly in the comment area can get more attention than just like the photos. And it will increase the chance that they will follow you back.

Your followers also want followers. You need to communicate with them by commenting or liking them. This can keep you both stay touch and avoid you from being unfollowed.


  1. Post timing

You need to keep your account active, however, it’s not recommended to post too many photos one day. Post 1-3 photos every day is the best choice.

Besides, it’s important to post at good timing. Post your photos when most Instagram users are using this app will attract more users.

The peak time of the day is 2-3 PM(CST), and you need also to observe to find out the period when your post gets most likes and comments, then post your photos in that period.


  1. Use GetInsta app

GetInsta is a free Android app to get free and high-quality Instagram followers and likes. It provides a safe security system to gather genuine Instagram users together to follow and like each other. You don’t need to spend money. Everyone can get free coins by following others or liking others’ posts. With the coins, you can get unlimited Instagram likes free for your own Instagram accounts and posts.


What’s more, GetInsta supports buying Instagram followers and likes with money now. Of course, you can still stick to its free services.


Are you ready to boost your Instagram account with unlimited free followers now? Just keep in mind that your energy and time will be rewarded. You just need some time.

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