5 Unique Movie Snacks You May Not Have Considered

Movie Snacks

It just seems natural to have a snack when you watch a movie. If you’ve attended a movie theater recently, you’re aware of the fact that snacks are no longer just popcorn and milk duds. Movie theaters throughout the world are being upgraded and so is the food that is served. Given all the unique alternatives, it is difficult to choose only five. So, here are the most unique in each category, followed closely by the runner ups.

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Healthy Choices

The traditional nacho snack and pretzel bites are not necessarily unhealthy. But add the cheese sauce and other toppings and you create high carb, high calorie snacks. The alternative, Edamame Bites. These are lightly salted beans that are just as tasty as nuts and chips, but with fewer calories. A close second is crispy Brussel sprouts served with parmesan cheese, chili salt, and house spice blend. Who said movie snacks couldn’t be healthy?

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A Twist on the Traditional

Potato chips are getting a new look. You can now get a basket of chips with blue cheese fondue for dipping. If you prefer your potatoes French fried, some theaters can now accommodate you with their special Chili fries. Popcorn is also getting a new taste, seasoned with black pepper, parmesan cheese, white truffle, or pimento and garlic. For a totally different taste experience, try Nighthawk popcorn with truffle butter, citric salt, siracha, and chipotle lime.

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Yes, tacos at the movies. The most popular are those made with grilled Mahi Mahi and served with avocado cilantro sauce. Make it a meal with cabbage slaw, and corn chips with sweet pea guacamole. You can also get fish tacos served with avocado puree, pickled red onion, tomato vinaigrette, and guajillo, or tacos made with duck.

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Sandwiches and Breads

Sandwiches and Breads

With waiter service, comes menus including specialty sandwiches like Kobe beef sliders and pastrami and Swiss on rye. However, if you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich you could always just have some bread from places like Klosterman Baking Company. Bread and butter is always a delicious combination. Or if you prefer something heartier you can use bread like this to make a great sandwich.


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Having dessert as your snack seems like a great idea. Real Oreo cookies are used to make Oreo churros, in either stick, twist, or bite-sized forms. Of course, creamy dips are included. Movies definitely always call for dessert!

This trend toward unique movie theater snacks is exciting. As competition among theater chains and food vendors continues, there should be even more alternatives that haven’t previously been considered. So, treat yourself by sampling something different on each trip. In any case, keep snacking, and enjoy the movie.

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