5 Useful Gadgets That Help You Organize Your Time and Become More Productive

It’s hard to stay productive these days, with so many distractions around us, courtesy of modern technology, especially when we have spent the night before binging on all seasons of Archer. OK, to be honest, getting drunk and being lazy in general is what makes us lousy at our office, but that’s is another story. There is pretty much no way a person can avoid technology, no matter what sort of work they do, so the only way you can make better use of your time and boost your productivity is to choose the apps, tools, and gadgets which will help you do so.

We have put together a list of 5 awesome gadgets that will make you a professional, as well as your personal life, just a little bit easier while adding a certain cool factor into the process.

Amazon Echo

  1. Amazon Echo

Yes, you have probably seen quite a few gadgets that act like your own personal assistant, but Amazon Echo is different. First of all, it doesn’t suck. Second, the name of its robot is Alexa. We don’t know about you, but Alexa sounds a lot hotter than Siri. That being said, Amazon Echo is actually a voice-activated smart speaker (and a good one at that!) which respond to a variety of commands. Just say it, and it will play your favorite music, help you put together your schedule, control the lights, heating, find answers to your questions, provide info about the weather, and just about everything else you can think of, while you keep on working. Plus, you can always pretend you’re Tony Stark.


  1. Moshi IonBank Portable Battery Pack

Having trouble with your devices running out of juice? Moshi IobBank portable charger is the best solution for those problems, especially in its 10K version. Thanks to lithium-polymer battery cells, it packs more than enough power to charge your smartphone several times over or to keep your smartphone running for eight hours in a row. We also love the sleek and stylish aluminum casing and the battery indicator which signals when it’s time to recharge this bad boy. You can charge both your Android and iOS devices with this battery pack.


  1. Phree

Instead of having to pull out your tablet or smartphone and then open the note-taking app of your choice, you might want to check out Phree. Phree is probably the first input device which allows you to write on just about any surface. Of course, the surfaces you’ll be writing on will remain unchanged (much to our disappointment), and all the notes, thoughts, and contact information will be saved. You can hook up this high-tech pen to a variety of smart devices, and it’s also compatible with most editing software, such as Microsoft Office, Evernote, OneNote, Adobe Acrobat, and even Viber. It also doubles as a headset. Go out and steal one now!


  1. Wekey

While smart devices allow for a great deal of portability, they are not the best solution if you need to write something, no matter how good their touchscreens are. Yes, you can buy an actual physical keyboard for every device, but those are just as bad. Not Wekey, though. Only 2.5 mm thick, 10.1” big, and weighing only 160g, it can be attached to any portable smart device. But, even better, it can be connected up to three different devices at the same time, regardless of their operating system, and it will even get the keyboard layout right for each one. Despite its dimensions and weight, its battery is not a joke, as it can keep the keyboard running upwards of 3 months.

Philips UltraWide 34-inch Curved Display BDM3490UC

  1. Philips UltraWide 34-inch Curved Display BDM3490UC

We admit that we may go overboard a little bit with this one since this monster of the display can hardly be considered a gadget. But, if you have ever worked on a large screen, or used it as an extended desktop, you know how much faster you can get things done with it. Its curved screen is not just there for show, but it does look like a piece of modern art. With a 34” screen and WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440 pixels), you would be hard-pressed to find anything better.



These amazing gadgets will help you make the most out of your time and skills, which means you can also have some time for yourself. Some of these are quite pricey, but they are a worthwhile investment and one which will pay off.



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