5 Ways That Photo Books Are Better Than Traditional Albums

Photo Books

Memories are meant to be cherished. What better way to do that than to have them documented? In this digital era where everything is online, you will likely have them stored in a folder or on social media accounts. The likelihood of losing a phone or an account leaves your memories in jeopardy. The next best option is to have your memories documented in tangible alternatives such as photo books and albums. In most instances, many will opt for photo books, and you are likely to wonder why. Well, below are a few ways that make photo books better than traditional albums


1. Printed Directly

Photos on the photobook are printed directly on the paper. Considering this, go for quality papers since the album will likely undergo tear and wear. The picture quality between photo albums vs photo books is incomparable. With traditional albums, the pictures are put inside pockets. Since most people do not pick the quality of the paper pockets, there is a high likelihood of finding your pictures distorted once they come into contact with the paper. In albums where pictures do not fit, you might force them in, and creases end up ruining the picture. A photo book has the photos printed directly on the paper, ruining any chances of damage. You can also print the message to go with it on the same paper, saving costs.


2. They are Customizable

When buying a traditional photo album, you either settle with what the market has to offer or dig deeper to have it customized to your liking. Without the funds to go the extra mile, your photos are forced to fit into albums that fit within your budget. The pockets are cut to fit standard paper sizes, and any variations on your photos can leave you at a loss. With a photobook, everything is done to your liking and budget. You pick the size, quality, and even embellishments on your paper. You also choose the design of the cover, the message, and the pages within each photobook. This gives you the upper hand in creating what memories are stashed together.


3. No Overlaps

When making a photo album, preparation is key. You need to align your photos the way you want them to appear once printed. You only have one opportunity to align them before printing since it is irreversible. The outcome allows you to create an easy-to-follow path for anyone viewing it. With traditional albums, you can easily forget some pictures once you stash them behind others in the pockets. Additionally, photos tend to clamp together, which will ruin their quality or even destroy them.


4. Permanent

With a photobook, the printed copy is permanent. When it comes to traditional albums, a picture can be easily moved or stashed behind others. It ruins the order and takes time to search for the missing puzzle. Without a keen eye, you are likely to forget it all or have memory gaps. Without the chance to distort anything, photobooks help keep your memories and pictures in chronological order.


5. Can be Replicated

Some memories are best enjoyed and memorable when shared. You can create one photo book and have it replicated as many times as you want. It makes an incredible family gift when celebrating new seasons. With traditional albums, replicating the photos is expensive and will likely distort the quality.

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