5 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Photography Game


In recent times, mobile phones have seen an excellent development in terms of the technology they are equipped with like multiple camera lenses and AI processing. This compact device with many other functions also has taken the place of bulky cameras and polaroids. Instead, now there are gigabytes of digital information stored inside a smartphone that can be taken out in hard copies or backed up in the cloud at any given point of time.

Although mobile cameras are a common item of everyday use, certain things need to be considered to master the game of mobile photography. The following are a few of such things.

Keep your subject well-lit

Your subject should be adequately illuminated so as to get you a grainless photograph. You can either choose to shoot outside in natural light to get a clear image. If you’re deciding to shoot indoors, make sure that you have ample artificial lighting available for your subject. You need to remember the fact that the subject colors might appear different in varied lights, thus it becomes imperative to choose your illumination likewise.

Focus properly, stay still

The secret to unbeatable mobile photography is focusing well. A good photographer like this can only differentiate oneself from the many photographers available in the competitive market by the way he focuses on a subject. An object needs to be correctly focused on in order to have maximized clarity in the picture. To bring the most out of an image, it is necessary that the subject is well focused with a steady and unmoving platform.

Avoid zooming in, edit later

Zooming in might give you the illusion of a clear photograph with more details in the beginning. You will eventually notice that digital photos only become grainy and the resolution of the image is spoilt when zoomed in. However, if your device sports a dedicated telephoto lens, you could undoubtedly zoom in without losing the quality of your picture. If you need to edit your photographs, make sure that you do it only after you are done taking the shots. The filters added during the shoot can adversely affect the image quality, thus, negating their purpose altogether.

Click as many shots as you can

Don’t worry about the storage of your device; click as many shots as you can get. Be in the same frame or a different one, experiment with different angles and positions. You can always delete the unnecessary shots later but shortlisting the perfect click becomes easier if you have more than one option in hand. Moreover, you can increase the probability of getting the best shot only by clicking multiple photos in a go.

Keep your lens clean

It is crucial to keep your phone lens clean of dust particles and oil stains to obtain an image free from spots and haziness. Certain smudges on the glass can appear in the way of light and make your pictures look unclear or unfocused. Make sure that you wipe your lens preferably with a soft cotton cloth before you go for your perfect shot.

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