5 Worst Celebrity Gamblers

Fame, money and access to rich friends all provide a fertile breeding ground for that most decadent of vices – gambling. Celebs love to gamble and we love to watch them crash and burn. Here’s our top five worst celebrity gamblers ever:

1. Paris Hilton

paris hilton

Drugs, booze, sex tapes, gambling…is there a vice out there that Paris Hilton hasn’t abused? In an ironic turn of events the heiress was banned from a casino named after her in 2006. Mummy and Daddy Hilton had had enough after Paris lost her $175,000 Bentley in a poker game at their Paris Hotel and Casino and decided to ban her from her own casino.

In 2010 the famously ditzy blonde was also banned from Wynn Las Vegas after she was busted for cocaine possession – although they seemed to forgive her as two years later she won $30,000 on her birthday trip to the same casino. Forgive and forget right guys?

2. Lil Wayne

5 Worst Celebrity Gamblers

Lil Wayne may be known for singing about lollipops but don’t be fooled by his innocent exterior.  In 2010 the rapper was left red faced after Wynn Casino in Las Vegas barred him from entering, making him a no show at his pal Drake’s after party.

No official reason was given for the ban apart from saying that they didn’t want any trouble from the tattooed star, although it might have had something to do with the fact that he was banned from booze for three years whilst on probation.

According to David Merry, CEO of Castle Casino, the big Vegas casinos need everything to run smoothly. “It’s simple casino etiquette”, he said, “Don’t get too drunk, don’t be rude to people, don’t make trouble…casino environments are suave and sophisticated”.

Are you listening Lil Wayne?

3. Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire has never kept his love of gambling secret and is a notoriously good Texas Hold’Em player. He even won the 2004 World Series of Poker after studying under a professional player.

But it seems Maguire has a nasty streak when it comes to casino etiquette as self-titled ‘Poker Princess’ Molly Bloom revealed recently in her memoirs.

According to Ms Bloom the Spiderman star was a “sore loser” and tried to humiliate her by ordering her to “bark like a seal who wants a fish” for a $1000 chip as well as obsessing over knowing every detail about new players at their game.

Back in 2011 the baby faced actor became embroiled in a lawsuit due to winning $300,000 playing illegal unlicensed high stakes poker games. It seems like Tobey fancied a taste of the decadent high rolling lifestyle of his Great Gatsby character, but maybe he could do with learning some manners first.

4. Ben Affleck

ben affleck as batman

Squeaky clean Ben Affleck looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, especially when he’s with his gorgeous wife Jennifer Garner and their three adorable children. But the Batman V Superman star has a well known gambling addiction dating back to a stint in rehab in 2001 and behind his wholesome All American image lies a pretty nifty card counter.

Earlier this year Affleck was kicked out of not one, but two casinos and has been barred for life from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for card counting in blackjack. Tsk tsk Ben, what would your movie star wife think?

5. Charlie Sheen

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Whenever Charlie Sheen’s name pops up you know you’re in for crazy ride and when his rumoured gambling addiction made headlines in 2006 it did not disappoint.

His second wife Denise Richards told a court that every week he would blow $200,000 on gambling and even called his bookie to place a bet in the car on the way to the birth of their daughter.

Now the Anger Management star describes himself as a “retired gambler” rather than a “recovering gambler” but doesn’t seem to have lost any of his wild ways if his latest drunken visit to Taco Bell is anything to go by.



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