6 Easy Ways to Stop Being So Lazy

being so lazy

Do you find yourself spending countless hours on the couch after work each day? Maybe you’ve reached a point where your lack of energy is starting to have a negative impact on your life. You just scheduled a move with Black Tie Moving Phoenix, and you’re already exhausted. This is problematic as your lawn needs mowed, dishes are piling up in the sink, and you promised yourself you would start going to the gym this week.

Fret not! We’re here to help by listing 6 easy ways to stop being so lazy.


Get Out of Your Head

It’s all too easy to talk ourselves out of doing something that we know either needs to get done or will make us feel better. That little voice inside our head tries desperately to convince us to just stay in bed, play video games instead, or binge-watch the latest Netflix series. A way to combat this is to notice as soon as the voice comes up, you acknowledge it, then resist what it has to say.


Establish a Routine

Routines are the enemy of lazy people. After all, they want the flexibility to do things as they please. The only issue with that is things never end up getting done! If you’re serious about being more productive, one of your first steps should be to establish a routine that will work for you.


Learn New Hobbies

Laziness is usually the result of not finding pleasure in doing something other than sitting on the couch scrolling TikTok. While leisure time is perfectly healthy, that’s only in moderation. A way to stop being lazy is to learn new hobbies that you enjoy. When you’re actively engaged in something you find joy in, you’re much more likely to be active in other areas of your life.


Implement Healthier Habits

Healthy habits are incredibly powerful when it comes to combatting laziness. When you’ve made something into a habit, you’re running on autopilot – which means you’re much less likely to not do what you’ve grown accustomed to. That’s why you want to implement healthier habits into your daily routine that make sure you’re productive and active. These habits could be small like making your bed, picking up after yourself, and going for a 15-minute walk each morning.


Step Outside

Nature offers many positive benefits to both our mental and physical health. You’re much more likely to feel fatigued and drained of energy if you spend the entire day inside. If you’re looking to find more energy to get moving, one of the easiest ways to do this is to step outside in nature. The fresh air, sounds, and natural light will give you a natural and healthy boost of that energy you so desperately crave.


Set Time Limits on “Lazy” Activities

You’d probably be pretty unhappy with this advice if we told you that you can never be lazy again. As we mentioned before, it’s okay to take some time to just be and do nothing. It only becomes a problem when you spend more of your time than not being lazy, and you miss out on opportunities. Instead of trying to not be lazy, moderate your “lazy time.” Give yourself an hour or so each day that’s meant specifically to do whatever it is that you want – including being lazy!

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