These 6 Gadgets Bring the Future to Your Reach

2017 has just begun and the tech industry has already churned out some bewildering gadgets that make us tech geeks swoon in amazement. Balancing the cool, functionality and innovation needed to win the modern man’s heart, these 7 gadgets bring the future to your reach. Let yourself be wowed by these seamless electronic combinations of brains with beauty.

Kuri the robot nanny

  1. Kuri the robot nanny

Kuri is a robot made by Mayfield Robotics which debuted at CES 2017 as a home robot cum sidekick to humans and helps around the house. With a cute look and big personality, Kuri is designed to provide entertainment and convenience to its humans. Built in with a camera and home control capabilities, this robot knows the layout of your house so it can check up on pets or toddlers at home when adults are away.

It has facial recognition so it knows the humans that are around and can differentiate them. Kuri can do many simple chores to ease the burden from us mere mortals like running reminders and playing audio, but its appeal lies in how it emulates human face movements like nodding and looking sideways as well as eye expressions and smiling. It also looks like how a robot should which is one big reason we dig it.

HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC

  1. HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC

Sprout G2 is a 3D and 2D integrated scanning PC that can scan anything in front of it! Just put the object, like a complex toy airplane, and the let the PC turn it into a digital 3D model waiting to be used by product designers, CGI creators, and other professionals. It comes with a touch mat which is stylus enabled and acts as a second screen. This product has the potential to revolutionize industries like advertising, education, and design.

The Toyota concept i

  1. The Toyota concept i

A vehicle powered by artificial intelligence, the concept i focuses on the modern man’s need to build and expand relationships. The car tries to work on building relationships with everything around it by learning that enables it to be a smart vehicle. But its smart is not like the digital trucks adopted by the Motor Carrier Safety Administration, but more like when a space shuttle has a baby with a car. You must see it to believe it.

PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

  1. PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

This drone is special. It can submerge deep underwater, up to 98 feet (30 meters) and can record 4K video and stream it to your phone up above the surface, which you then use to navigate. Impressed? There is more! It’s added cool comes with its Fishfinder sonar which can sense fish from 131 feet (40 meters) away and then lures them with a special blue light. To blow your minds more; PowerVision is going to offer VR goggles that will let you roam about by moving your head.

Chrysler Portal concept road warrior

  1. Chrysler Portal concept road warrior

This futuristic self-driving, all-electric minivan debuted at the CES 2017 show where it became famous as “a conceptual battle-tank for the family of the near-ish future.” It’s equipped with facial and voice recognition and almost everything it has inside can be moved to make space. This cool concept, when it hits the road, is sure to change the way you plan family outings forever!

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

  1. Sleep Number 360 smart bed

This unique but cool product is sure to make everyone’s dreams sweet by keeping them warm and toasty under the covers. This bed knows when your feet get cold and it turns the heat on according to the number you set, on your side of the bed at the bottom where the feet are. The smart mattress alters its Sleep Number settings to adjust firmness for your movement thanks to its built-in air chambers. It can be connected to the room’s thermostat to change the room temperature and when you snore it can even raise your head to decrease your sound.

Along with these, there are many more interesting and appealing products plus gadgets that are already out like HyperSuit, the VR skeleton that gets you going places and playing there, or the smart shower that changes lights to show how much water you consumed. From adventure seekers to environmentalists, the future is here and it holds something for everyone.

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