6 Photoshoot Ideas and Trends for 2021


Coronavirus didn’t just change how people lived or attended school. Even photography and photoshoots weren’t left untouched. Photoshoot trends and themes have also taken a turn. It’s not always easy to come up with photoshoot ideas and trends, especially when you have very limited mobility or experience. So, here are some photoshoot ideas and trends for 2021 that you can follow during your photoshoots. 

As the world opens up, photographers are heading out and doing what they do best–capturing the world around them and sharing it with others. Here are other great resources to read on photography trends for 2021.


  • Authentic and Candid

One of the recurring trends and ideas to expect in 2021 is authenticity and candidness. With all the filters on social media, the trend now isn’t to be picture-perfect but, instead, to be real and authentic. When the coronavirus hit, the normal hustle and bustle everyone was used to came to an abrupt stop. With remote work, canceled events, and restricted travel, everyone is left with the basics and essentials. Because of this, people have more time to reflect on what really matters.


This is why an emerging theme for 2021 is being authentic and candid. With many struggling to make ends meet or meeting the demands of their lives, people have become disinterested in picture-perfect versions of what is real. Photoshoots with less makeup and more raw emotions will reach and captivate more audiences. 


  • Depth of Emotion

In 2021, people will most likely still be expected to wear face masks outdoors. Because of this, emotions will be scarce. This is why one of the ideas for photoshoots is to do one that depicts emotion without having to show the entire face. You can do this by adjusting the lighting, model’s stance, clothes, colors, emotions in the eyes, and such. 


In addition, photoshoots showing a depth of emotion don’t always need to include models. You can use sceneries or items as the main subject of your photoshoots. It’ll definitely be more challenging, but that’s the beauty of doing a photoshoot like this. 


  • Diversity and Inclusion

Not only with the coronavirus, but also with the overall change in the mindset of many. Diversity and inclusion are trends that should also be included in 2021 photoshoots. Stepping into 2020, the world was faced with the injustices done to George Floyd because of the color of his skin. On top of that, the world was also met with the coronavirus, an invisible enemy, that brought communities and even competing corporations to come together and brace the pandemic together.


This trend towards diversity and inclusion is a trend that will also affect photoshoots. Photoshoots will surround themes on the empowerment of all genders, races, sexual orientations, body types, and social backgrounds. This is why another photoshoot idea for 2021 is to highlight this aspect. 


  • Mental Health Awareness

With most people staying home most of the time due to the pandemic, more mental health should reach mainstream communication. Fight the stigma around mental health by incorporating mental health awareness into your photoshoots in 2021. As more people are talking about it, this trend will continue on in 2021. Your photography can be a vessel to start the conversation on mental health in a subtle but strong and honest way. 


  • Retro Nostalgia

Retro is back. In 2021, expect to see retro nostalgia as a trend in photoshoots. There’s been a growing interest in bringing back the past and putting a modern spin on it without losing the nostalgia. This is a photoshoot idea that you might want to explore since it gives you so much space for creativity and interpretation. Vintage frames and chromatic colors will be the themes that surround this trend in photoshoots next year. 


  • Sustainability and Environmentalism

One of the trends for photoshoots is also sustainability and environmentalism. The human impact on the environment is an issue widely discussed and the steps you can take to preserve the planet. Because of this, you can also incorporate sustainability and environmentalism into your photoshoots.


You can do this by adding more greenery to your photos. Even having photoshoots in the forest or garden is a good idea for photoshoots such as these. Moreover, you can also apply this to your own life as a photographer by having environmentally friendly or sustainable equipment or props used during your photoshoots. For instance, instead of buying new props, you can just use recycled ones from past photoshoots. 

Because photos largely reflect the kind of world we live in, it changes with the times. For 2021, you can expect these kinds of photoshoot trends. With the pandemic, photography will become one of the pillars for communication, authenticity, and emotions. This means that photographers need to find more creative ways to incorporate these themes and trends into their photos. 


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