6 Second ‘Vinish’ Teaser for Wolverine Released

Hugh Jackman in extreme action again! Going by the six-second teaser of The Wolverine on Vine video-sharing site, it is another X-Men action thriller. The looping video gives split-second shots of some cool action to tease the curiosity of audiences. The clip is already generating some interest among action film fans.

Something about the promotional video

Vine is a cool video sharing site from Twitter, which has its own video editing and formatting tools. This clip is the first Hollywood movie trailer to be uploaded. The ‘Vinish’ teaser, even if it is so short, gives us some idea of the how action packed the movie will be.

It is rumored that a 20-seconds trailer will be uploaded soon, quickly followed by a full-fledged movie trailer. So this is a teaser for a trailer, is it? The so called teaser was “tweezed” on Monday by the film’s director James Mangold. To date trailers of most other movies have been released on the Apple page or the movie website. The Wolverine is the first movie to be tweeted on Vine.


Something about the film

Based on the character Wolverine from Marvel Comics, this sixth generation X-Men film promises to be full of excitement. Writers Scott Frank, Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback have hopefully stuck to the main plot like the previous versions. Jackman fans have surely waited a long time for this sequel to the original X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was released in 2009. Director Mangold has clarified that Logan (Jackman) is not the archetypical superhero. He has some nuances that will have audiences getting more involved in the plot as the film progresses. The cast includes:

  • Hugh Jackman as Logan (Wolverine) – a mutant member of X-Men,
  • Hiroyuki Sanada – Longan’s a crime lord and Logan’s biggest enemy,
  • Hal Yamanouchi – the head of the Yashida clan,
  • Tao Okamoto – Longan’s ex-fiancee,
  • Will Yun Lee (son of the crime lord) – also called the Silver Samurai, and many more.

You will see Logan struggling to deal with the injuries he sustained in the previous film of the same series. The injuries have affected his memory, which in itself is a dangerous situation when you have to travel far distances to destroy the villain of the piece! Logan is prone to sudden rages and sometimes even anti-hero behavior. Does the superhero sound more human? The action in “The Wolverine” is between samurai warriors and Logan in an epic clash, with a shadowy figure always appearing somewhere in the background.

The Wolverine is slated for worldwide release on 26th July 2013 and let us hope that it will meet the deadline. Besides the Vine six-second “tweezer” a single sheet picture of the sexy (shirtless!) Hugh Jackman has also been uploaded. The teaser, followed by other promotional videos is slowly gearing up to make the movie a Hollywood blockbuster. Audiences can look forward to some awe-inspiring action. So let’s wait for some more videos, tweezers and write-ups to gauge what moviegoers can really expect from the latest version in the X-Men series.

Here is the 6 second trailer, check it out!

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