6-Year-Old Kid Made $11 Million From YouTube This Year


Meet this 6-year-old millionaire Ryan, He is the kid behind the Ryan Toys Review. The whole thing started with a simple premise of two parents enjoying their child’s commentary when he opens new toys but now it turned into a multimillion-dollar organization where the kid is now getting free toys from sponsors and opening them for his 10 million YouTube subscribers, Yep, 10 million subscribers, I never get the charm of unboxing videos but this is a huge market and apparently big money is involved, millions of people like to sit at home and watch other people opening their gadgets and stuff.

This is astonishing and makes me wonder what have I done this year, Ryan has a lot of buying power in the toy market. In fact, marketing analysts say Ryan’s commercial power in selling toys equals that of some of the top talent celebrities in the world. It doesn’t matter you didn’t hear of him before even I didn’t hear of him before today as well but trust me this kids videos sell stuff, quicker. Do you guys ever see the videos of this kid before?


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