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Howdy, movie lovers! Many of you already know everything about movies, actors, plots, or characters… but I am here to remind you that there’s still a lot left to learn. I don’t know about you, but for me, watching great movies is always followed by reading its reviews. If I don’t find a good website to read them on, I go craaaazy! I know you probably do the same, so from one movie maniac to the other – don’t worry about it. I got you. I just a put-up list with the most interesting review websites and tools for you, crazy movie maniac! Here you go.


  1. IMDb

Everybody knows about the Internet Movie Database – it is helpful, complex, and considerable in size. The database includes movies from all times! It has a significant set of reviews for every movie or TV show you are interested in. IMDb gives out information about actors as well, along with details about production crew personnel or fictional characters.


  1. Criticker

This amazing website allows you to connect with people whose movie tastes are similar to yours! And guess how? By criticizing movies and exposing your true opinions! Users identify the people they match with by using the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI). Not only you make new friends and expand your knowledge by using Criticker, but you can also get great future recommendations!

Rotten Tomatoes

  1. Rotten Tomatoes

Similar to IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes is a great resource for complex movie reviews. Its name comes from the historical action of throwing tomatoes at people whose interpretation was not good enough. Thus, as the name says it, Rotten Tomatoes users do a stunning job criticizing movies.

Monica Valene, the freelance writer at Assignment Masters, believes that “Following Rotten Tomatoes is the best way to read interesting movie reviews and watch interviews with your favorite actors. They never get it wrong!”


  1. Flixster

By “watching movies,” and then “telling friends about it,” Flixster opens up new conversations with strangers who have similar tastes in movies. The website incorporates great, complex movie reviews, and interesting information about films. Flixster is considered one of the best websites for movie maniacs!

The Auteurs

  1. The Auteurs

The Auteurs is a complex website that allows its users to discuss alternative endings and what-if scenarios. Have you ever wondered how Forrest Gump could have ended if someone would’ve replaced Robert Zemeckis? Or even if Leo DiCaprio would have played Dom Cobb in Inception, weren’t for Cristopher Nolan to direct that movie? Share these thoughts on The Auteurs and get likes for them!


  1. BoxOfficeMojo

Because movie maniacs are also interested in how much money is spent on one movie, BoxOfficeMojo is any crazy movie lover’s best tool. The IMDb-owned website will show you the Movie Summary of the film you are looking for. Its summary will include the genre of the movie, the studio, the release date, the domestic gross, the production budget, and the running time. Movies produce a lot of money, but have you ever thought how much they spend?


  1. FilmCrave

Another website on which you can make new friends, FilmCrave gives you the chance to interact with people whose tastes are alike. Although the website was not intended to expand that quickly or even in this direction, it now stores a big number of appreciated movie reviews. FilmCrave gives people points for writing an interesting review or making new lists of movies to be rated.


I hope I helped you with these tips on how to read great reviews or connect with your virtual crazy-movie-lover-friends. Remember that great movies need to be discussed with people who understand you, and alternative endings are all part of a movie’s complexity. Also, don’t hesitate to leave us reviews or feedback, whether positive or negative. This is how we improve as well!

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