7 Best Tips for Finding Your Partner Online

The internet has loads of possibilities and opportunities. More people are finding love and partners over the internet. Your seduction methods are limited when online, but they can be applied once you meet the other person. This medium makes it an excellent place to meet someone through hookup websites. People have different views on hooking up. It’s cool if it’s your thing, and it’s also cool if it’s not. If you’re into it, look out for the seven best tips for hooking up online.

Do it for the Right Reasons

People hookup for different reasons and it’s best you do it because you like the idea, and you’re doing it for yourself. The wrong reasons could be when you want to prove yourself to your friends. It could be due to peer pressure or to feel better about yourself or to get someone’s attention to like you. Before getting into it, check-in with yourself and find out your genuine reasons for doing it.

Seek Consent

Be sure that the other person is into it. Ask them if they’re cool with what’s happening and provide them with an option for a rejection. When you seek their consent, you won’t be pushing that person away. It’ll show that you value and respect them and that your presence will make them safe with you. If they pull away, it could be because they weren’t ready for it in the first place.

Embrace the Awkward

Sometimes, it’s fine to be awkward. It’ll help you accept your awkwardness rather than trying to escape and push it down. As long as it doesn’t give you distress and discomfort like doubts, fear, or worriedness that’ll manifest itself as awkwardness, then it’s okay.

Don’t Let Anyone Judge You

Never let anyone slut-shame or prude shame you. There’re lots of double standards when it comes to dating. You could be ashamed for not having enough or shamed for having too much love. However, the thing is, it’s your love life. We should all be free to find what truly makes us happy and enjoy as long as it’s safe and consensual.

Never hook up with Jerks

They could be very sexy, but who cares. These people are selfish, use other people for dating; they don’t care about what happens to you. They see their love encounters as some scoreboard that they brag of to their friends. It signals that they don’t respect you at all and don’t deserve to be near you.

Be Passionate

Be ready to be passionate and bring passion. At that moment, you are with someone trying to be passionate. Pay attention to their body language, and how their body responds to your presence. Ask them if they like something if they feel good to get into tune with their body. You want them to look back the next day and feel happy about the experience.


Hooking up has evolved, and these days, it’s much easier to meet other people online.  However, some caution is needed when treading through this space. If you decide to, these seven tips will make it easier for you to succeed.

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