7 Famous Characters Were Based on Real People

Some writers and screenwriters draw inspiration for their fictional characters from real people — their physical appearance, their manners, and even their favorite words. You will see 7 famous characters below which was inspired by real life people.

Dr. House — Dr. Thomas Bolte

Dr. House — Dr. Thomas Bolte

The in-demand physician, whose career took off after the series, says that rollerblading is the fastest way to zip along the New York city streets. So whenever he receives an urgent summons, he puts on his skates and takes off.

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Dorian Gray — poet John Gray

Dorian Gray — poet John Gray

The English poet John Gray, whom Oscar Wilde met at the end of the nineteenth century, became the prototype for Dorian Gray. Being a sophisticated, intelligent, handsome, and ambitious poet, John inspired the writer to create the character of young and impossibly beautiful Dorian Gray. Surprisingly, 30 years later, John Gray left his Bohemian life behind and became a Catholic priest.

Sources: The Man Who Was Dorian Gray, Wikipedia

Sherlock Holmes — Professor Joseph Bell

Sherlock Holmes — Professor Joseph Bell

James Bond — The “Ace of Spies” Sidney Reilly

James Bond — The "Ace of Spies" Sidney Reilly

A man with little formal education, he was blessed with a remarkable talent for languages, liked to play politics and manipulate people, and developed a reputation as a womanizer. Reilly could instantly transform himself into another person, he failed none of his operations, and he was famous for knowing how to find out a solution to any problem.

Source: bookstellyouwhy

Peter Pan — Michael Davies

Peter Pan — Michael Davies

Source: DailyMail

Christopher Robin — Christopher Robin Milne

Christopher Robin — Christopher Robin Milne

He later wrote: “There were two things that were then overshadowing my life and that I needed to escape from: my father’s fame and ’Christopher Robin.’ ”

Sources: BBC News, Independent

“The Wolf of Wall Street” — stockbroker Jordan Belfort

"The Wolf of Wall Street" — stockbroker Jordan Belfort

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