7 “FRIENDS” Secrets You Didn’t Know About


Friends have been one of the most popular sitcoms in the world ever since it aired on-screen, now nearly thirty years ago (wow, that was strange to write, is it really thirty?).

For the ten seasons and ten years it was on screen, people grew to love the cast, actors and the characters they portrayed. And they still do, with the tv series being popular and watched by millions of people every month to this very day. Some people even play Friends trivia just to see how well they know the show.

So, with such vast interest in the series, it’s only normal for fans to lurk around and try to find some behind the scenes facts about the show. And there are plenty of those for sure.

That’s why we decided to jump in and list you our seven favorites behind the scenes secrets of Friends, and hopefully, you’ll share yours too. Let’s jump!


Matthew Perry handled luggage at LAX.

Ok, kind of, not really. Matthew Perry was a pretty famous actor in the nineties, and normally, other shows wanted him on their cast.

During the filming of the pilot in the mid-nineties, Perry was also filming a pilot where he was supposed to play a luggage handler at LAX, but in the distant future where he handled the luggage of aliens (yeah, right).


Ross’s character was written with David Schwimmer in mind.

While Friends has a normal-sized cast for a sitcom, it took longer to cast the right actors for some of the characters.

For Ross, that wasn’t the case. The character was written for David Schwimmer in mind, and that’s why it makes him one of the best characters on the show. He was also the first to be cast.

friends set

The show was filmed in front of a live audience.

Yup, there were very little fake laugh tracks being used during post-editing. Almost all of the scenes that made it to the air were filmed in front of a real-life audience.

The only scenes that weren’t filmed with an audience were the cliff hangers, and that’s totally understandable. But this fact is a true recognition for each actor’s skills on the set. Playing in front of a live audience is hard.


Matthew Perry had a tough time during the series.

Yeah, not really a fun fact, but one that really makes things very real. Perry has always been open about his addiction during the period, however, most fans seem not to realize that it was pretty tough on him during those times.

It only goes to show how far dedication can get you if you put your mind to it.


Marcel, the monkey was a girl!

Okay, let’s throw in a fun one. Having a monkey on set can be fun. but Marcel was really a female monkey.


They filmed an episode for around five hours.

While many new series take days to film, the crew of Friends had just around five hours per episode to film it. Given that it was only twenty minutes per episode, it’s still impressive.

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