7 Futuristic Movie Gadgets Become Reality and Make Studying Easy


Remember these old classic sci-fi movies that we and our parents love so much? Back then, they seemed to describe something truly fantastic – gadgets that didn’t exist at the moment and didn’t seem to be invented anytime soon.

However, it turned out that the future happened quicker than some people thought. Many things described in the last-century futuristic movies are already a reality. And they aren’t available to a certain people only: almost anyone these days could use some of these gadgets to work, study, communicate with people, and relax.

So here are 7 amazing movie gadgets that became a reality.


1. Smartboards

It seems that the creators of old sci-fi movies always liked screens. The interactive screens that can be touched and written on appeared in so many futuristic movies – and now they are even a part of a traditional learning process.

Such screens are called smartboards and are widely used in schools. Some of them only allow writing with the markers (real ones or digital ones) – these are the most basic smartboards. However, even them are able to recognize the writing and to turn the writing and drawings into digital elements.

And, of course, there are even more advanced smartboards – the ones that are touch-enabled. These ones are even more amazing: students could use them to manipulate different images, control cameras, explore various things online, and so on.

Video calls

2. Video calls

Like it or not, but video calls were considered something truly amazing (and unattainable at the moment) once. And though Skype has been created only in this century (in 2003, to be exact), we’ve been enjoying video calls for 15 long years already and most of us think of them as of something completely routine and normal.

They also help many students to learn. The invention of video calls has allowed many people to tutor with the help of Skype or other video call messengers, helping others to improve their language skills – or other important skills.

iPhone X

3. Smartphones

One of the most obvious – and the most commonly used gadgets these days. Smartphones first appeared on ‘Star Trek’ in 1966 and though the first prototype was already designed in 1992, smartphones became commonly used only in the early to mid-2000s.

Though first smartphones were mostly a business class privilege and were used for phone calls, emails, and messaging mostly, these days almost everyone has one. Now smartphones are also more entertaining, though it doesn’t mean that you cannot use one for more serious purposes. There are plenty of apps for business and learning as well.

Home Technology

4. Digital textbooks and textbook readers

Carrying the physical textbooks around was never easy, whether you were in school or in college. What made it even more complicated is that physical textbooks were expensive – both for students, for schools, and for colleges.

So it isn’t surprising that once an opportunity appeared, digital textbooks quickly started replacing the physical ones. Moreover, some schools even went farther, creating their own online databases of digital textbooks and books that could be used not only by their own students by also by the essay writers, by students of other schools and colleges, and so on.

Skyrim VR

5. VR glasses

Virtual reality is finally here. World’s most famous tech giants, from Microsoft to Samsung and even Facebook, are already actively investing in this segment. VR glasses are already a great addition to the gaming process – but it’s not the only good thing they have to offer.

According to Forbes, VR could change the learning process completely, creating real-world environments and allowing students to explore different things (for example, seas during the biology class) by literally diving into them with the help of VR glasses. While such experience is a bit pricey, there are already some organizations that actively work on making it possible for future learners.

Smart tables

6. Smart tables

They are very similar to smartboards and work just the same. What differs is the layout – it makes the usage of smart boards easier for people of all ages and physical abilities.

Smart tables can be used in schools and handle the learning process successfully, as many of them are designed to understand 40 and unique touchpoints at the same time. Smart tables could also be a great addition to various learning centers, museums, and so on, offering some additional information to the visitors.

Apple WatchOS 4.0.1

7. Smartwatch

Smartwatch is a recent (though not unexpected) invention. They have been a part of our lives for a couple of years only but already proved themselves to be quite convenient and functional.

Smartwatches are used by businesspeople mostly these days, helping them not to miss important meetings, notifications, and task reminders. They are also great for those who are set on taking care of their health – they help to count steps, to monitor sleep, and so on. Some of them even allow measuring heart rate.

For students, the smartwatch could be a good help too. Though they aren’t necessary, purchasing them could also help you become more organized, not miss any important notifications and reminders, etc.

Technology is great. According to research published by Statista, in 2016 43% of college students found technologies extremely helpful for doing their homework. And gadgets that were created during the past decades (and will be created in the future) are great as well – because they help students, businesspeople, and everyone else to take technology with them everywhere they go, to maximize their learning potential, and to receive instant access to any knowledge if they want to.

Which of these gadgets do you find the most impressive and useful for learning? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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