7 Gift Ideas for Geeks in Your Family

 Virtual Keyboards

The gift-giving season is almost upon us. So, if you have a special friend or a member of your family, it is time to start figuring out the best gift to give them. If the person you want to gift is a geek or a nerd, it can be tricky to settle on a good gift, especially if he or she has some of the hottest electronics or toys already.

If you truly want to impress a geek or a nerd, you need to think outside the box. To help you out, here are 7 hottest gifts for geeks in your family.

  1. Virtual Keyboards

Every person who’s in love with computers has dreamed about owning a virtual keyboard. One of the top features of a virtual keyword is the fact that it can be connected to any device (laptop, desktop, tablets or Smartphone) and can be used on any surface. There is a wide range of virtual keyboards in the online market, so the only thing you need to do is to choose one that fits the personality of your geek.

  1. Shock-absorbing Phone case

Although most Smartphones that you’ll come across today have powerful functionalities, they are incredibly fragile. Your phone’s screen can get broken at the slightest moment. If a geek in your family recently bought a new Smartphone, the best gift to offer him or she is a shock-absorbing phone case.

  1. Galaxy bedding

A unique set of galaxy bed sheets will allow your geek to dream all the wonders of the universe. They come with matching pillows and designs based on real and high-resolution space photos.

  1. Superhero Cufflinks

While sporting a superhero jumpsuit might not be appropriate at school or for the workplace, your loved geek can still show off his fandom with superhero-themed cufflinks. If he or she is a fan of Iron Man or crazy about Harry Potter, you can get cufflinks of different brands and styles from some of the best subscription boxes for pop culture lovers. Just carry some background research on the available subscription boxes and what they have to offer.

  1. PlayStation VR Headset

This is one headset that’s suitable for geeks of all ages. Whether he or she is a fan of movies or playing video games, the headset will put him or her into action and enhance his/her overall experience. The headset comes with high-end functionalities, comfortable design, and provides complete access to the PS4 gaming system. All they need to do is just to plug the PS VR headset and PS camera into any PS4 system and they are good to go.

  1. Circuit Scarf

It is hard to beat a circuit scarf gift that celebrates engineering and computer science with style. You can also opt for its fun cousins with a full-color motherboard and binary code designs.

  1. Keyboard Waffle Iron

If you have a geek in your family who loves both technology and breakfast in equal measure, then he or she will definitely love a Keyboard Waffle Iron. The Iron Waffle will make scrumptious waffles in the shape of a standard keyboard. They are light-weight and features non-stick coating, making them easier to clean.

Although the above-highlighted gift ideas tap into different areas of the geek culture, they have one thing in common: each option is fun in its own way! Whichever gift item you chose for a geek in your family, be rest assured that they will love it for years to come.



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