7 Great Ways to Party Like a Rockstar

Backyard Party

Anniversaries can be pretty standard if you do not think out of the box. It starts with breakfast in bed and ends with dinner at a fancy restaurant. Not going out of your way to make the day more meaningful could make your anniversary like a routine. And that is not good for your marriage. Bring back the spunk in your relationship. Go all out and buy some fantastic gold anniversary gifts. Take her out to a concert and dance the night away. Leave the kids at home with a sitter, and leave your worries there too. Forget about the bills; forget about anything that weighs you down and let the night take over. Here is how you can party like a rockstar and make this day unforgettable:


1. Do Something Crazy

Some people often state that rock stars are kids who are yet to come to terms with adulthood. And if you were to follow Keith Moon’s antics, you might lean towards that understanding. But for tonight, do something that you would not do. Blow up the toilet in the hotel room, park your car in the pool, do something outrageous, and live in the moment. You will need to be buzzed to do this. Take care, though, that you don’t end up sleeping in a cell.


2. Crash a Party

When is the last time you crashed a party and brought the fun with you? Well, this is the time to do so. You probably know of someone who will be hosting a lame party, where all the guests will be biding their time, hoping to leave early. Show up with booze and fun games, and give the whole event a new vibe. You could even add something to the drinks to make the party-goers all the more lively.


3. Party Till You Puke

While this idea may not be number one on your list, you could achieve it with pretty much no effort. All you have to do is start the day drinking and end it the same way. Combine all this alcohol with activities, and it will not be long before you end up spilling your guts. It is a disgusting way to the party, but whatever works, right?

Backyard Party

4. Trash a House

No, the house is not so that the two of you can bond over shared memories, but rather, it serves as a platform to create new ones. Call your friends and have them over in the house and embark on fun activities. From petting animals to playing fun board games, you will not run out of ideas. The neighbors will probably call the police over noise complaints, so be sure to run when trouble comes-a-calling. That is not to mention the damage bills that await you when you leave. Yikes!


5. Attend a Concert

When is the last time you let go of your worries and attended a concert? You probably have a pile of leaflets on the kitchen counter. And in the back of your mind, you keep telling yourself that one day, you will attend one of those events. Quit stalling and do it today. Book a ticket, show up, and enjoy the music. You may be nursing a hangover in the morning, but you will be glad you made that leap.


6. Midnight Parachuting

While Elton John may have pulled this off, it might feel like an uncomfortable territory to venture into. But it is doable with some coaxing here and there. All you need is to convince your spouse to jump from a plane in the middle of the night. How great would that be! If you can get your friends to join in the fun, it would be all the more enjoyable. Plus, you will have people talking about it for days on end.


7. Make Trouble

It is time you acted like a kid again, something that a rock star would do. So go around the neighborhood and teepee that house you have always wanted to deface. The police will probably offer you accommodation for the night, but what is life without living on the edge, huh?

Parting like a rock star will probably leave you in cuffs at the end of the night. Or worse, you could wake up in a ditch. But the thrill of it all makes it a worthwhile venture. Good luck!

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