7 Most Memorable Movies of Modern Era

What does make you want to watch a movie? Why do we all remember it and watch it more than once? Some pictures become real masterpieces of cinematography thanks to their plots, directors, producers, and actors; and they become a great combination of something we call “a must-watch”. Modern era has brought us some good movies that are worth watching already, and that is exactly what we do actually: we watch them again and again, and we have no doubts that these movies will be watched in the future. Do you have your favourite modern movie that deserves being called a real masterpiece of cinematography? Just check our list of 7 most memorable movies of today, and do not be lazy to watch them if you still did not have a chance to do that. Anyway, even if you did, each of these movies is definitely worth re-watching!

1. Lord of the Rings

Millions of fans all over the world, a great plot, incredible visual and sound effects, a talented director and actor stuff – all these factors make Lord of the Rings really epic. We have a pleasure to watch three parts of this franchise at the moment, and we watch all of them many times, because it’s impossible to enjoy all details at once, as there are so many of them, and they all are magnificent of course!

Tales of Middle Earth – a chronicle of the Great War for the Ring, the war which lasted for thousands of years. The one who owned the Ring obtained power over all living creatures, but was obliged to serve evil.

2. Harry Potter

This franchise is worth watching at least once! 10 years of great adventures, battles with the Dark Lord, a strong friendship, love and sympathy. The story of young wizard Harry Potter became favourite for millions of kids and adults all over the world. It brings us to the world of Hogwarts, wizards and witches, magic creatures, quidditch, spells, wands, and much more.

When he is 11, Harry Potter finds out that he is a powerful wizard who should join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn all magical secrets. He is the only one person who met the dark wizard Voldemort and stayed alive. The whole magic world believes that Harry is the only one who can destroy the Dark Lord.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

Don’t say that you didn’t hear of Batman? Both comics and movies about the Dark Knight who wears a bat suit to eliminate the citizens of his native city from criminals have become really epic already. But why do we watch The Dark Knight Rises again and again?

No words are found to describe charismatic Joker, a villain whose philosophic sayings make us think of what we do and how we live. Yes, he is bad, he makes everything to get what he wants, he can even be called a psychopath, but… Both sympathy and antipathy struggle inside of us while we are trying to understand who is right and who is wrong. And you know what? It’s difficult to make predictions here.

4. Django Unchained

The latest movie of magnificent Quentin Tarantino had all chances to get an Oscar for the best motion picture of 2012, though the Academy Award for the best writing was worth something as well! America’s shameful past is perfectly described here, making us see and understand how awful and really bloody the times of slavery were. As usual, Tarantino does his best with dialogues, sounds and bloody gun play to make us see a very realistic picture of what he wanted us to see as a result.

A young slave named Django has been unchained by a German bounty hunter to help him kill a couple of bad guys. When this job is done, both fellows go to a Mississippi plantation owner to save Django’s wife.

5. The Avengers

It’s not surprising why so many people don’t mind watching The Avengers again and again. Top 5 Marvel superheroes were gathered in this movie to help save the Earth. Yes, again! And yes, the Earth should be saved from an awful and dangerous villain again. Super humans need to eliminate Loki, Thor’s brother, and his big and strong army. That’s really epic, guys! Visual and sound effects are impossible to describe: you better see them once than hear of them twice.

The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow won’t let you be bored.

6. Inglourious Basterds

So, here is Quentin Tarantino again, and now he invites us to Nazi-occupied France where a group of Jewish soldiers do everything to change the situation. The World War II theme has never been so deeply demonstrated, and it has never been demonstrated in such details.

Brad Pitt couldn’t play the role of the main character better than he did it. Inglourious Basterds makes us take a look at our history from the very different point of view and make our own conclusions concerning what happened then. 3D and other bright visual effects we all are so tired to see today aren’t needed here: the plot and the director say it all!

7. Pirates of The Caribbean

Who doesn’t know Captain Jack Sparrow? His adventures make the audience smile and cry at the same time. Brave and cunning, this fellow always has a plan on how to get what he wants. They should have given an Oscar to Johnny Depp for his brilliant role of a charismatic pirate! We fell in love with him, we wanna see him and hear his jokes again and again.

Thanks to Pirate of The Caribbean, the pirate theme has become popular again. This movie gives us adventures and excitement we don’t have in our real life sometimes. That’s why we watch this series again and again. By the way, the 5th part of Pirates comes to theaters soon, so get ready to meet Jack Sparrow one more time and emphasize his crazy ideas again.

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