7 Movie Plots That Don’t Make Any Sense

Movie Plots That Don’t Make Any Sense

There are movies which you love in the end and there are movies with plot points that don’t seem to make any sense at all and can lead to confusion among anyone paying close attention. ScreenRant has released a new video that points out seven plot holes in films, movies include in the video are Frozen, Furious 7, Armageddon, The Matrix, The Terminator, Star Wars, and more.

Plot Holes or unexplained questions are nothing new to Hollywood blockbuster, but sometimes, a movie’s logic problems go a lot deeper than dangling plot threads. Sometimes, the movie itself doesn’t make sense, since it’s plot holes are so obvious, audiences are guaranteed to wonder if the filmmakers are trying to trick them. Here is our list of famous movies plots that actually don’t make any sense!

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