7 Must-Haves Every Planner Should Bring To an Event

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Whenever you’re going to a site for an event, whether if you are a wedding planner, a concert planner, or just a birthday party planner, you never know what might happen. Despite months of planning, ample of meetings, and having big unperishable plans, any unknown thing can pop up inevitably and being the planner, you should always know how to save the day or have a backup plan.

Being the boss over the years, you know the basics like to pre-order the birthday cake, book a wedding band, have extra food and seating arrangements, etc. You must have learned how to jump over the hurdles and land flawlessly on your feet. But over the years of producing events, you must also have experienced that keeping some obvious and not-so-obvious essentials in your bag could be essential.

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Here’s a list of things that you should keep in your bag in case you get in an emergency situation:

  1. Extra Batteries:
    Having extra batteries is one of the most important things to remember always! You should have extra batteries for all the equipment you are carrying with you, including cameras, torches, etc. Also, keep extra chargers and rechargeable batteries along as well.
  2. Mini Tool Box:
    When you’re at the edge of having the event started, someone might knock something down, unintentionally of course. It’s nobody’s fault, but it’s you who has to fix it. So it’s always great to have a mini toolbox with basics like a hammer, screwdrivers, nails, etc. to make a quick fix.
  3. Folding Dolly Cart:
    Hauling heavy boxes of goods around can be severe and tiring, especially if your venue is an ample space. Usually, most sites do have dolly carts, but it always is a good idea to keep an extra one since you never know when it might come in handy. Make sure you get the one that folds up into a small carry-able fixture and is easy to move as well.
  4. An Extra Outfit:
    Have dress malfunctions is very common. You never know what part of your dress might get stuck and get ripped off or if someone spills iced coffee all over your white shirt that could turn into a disaster. So always keep a semi-formal dress with you for emergencies.
  5. A Bluetooth Stereo System:
    This is to keep yourself, and your team entertained when you have long work hours. All you need is a Bluetooth stereo system and a smartphone to play the music that suits your mood and have long dull work hours turn into fun times with your teammates.
  6. Extension Cord:
    Whether your venue is inside or outside, it never hurts to have your own. There are times when the venue doesn’t have enough extension cords, or at times, they have shorter ones. Having your own will mitigate both problems. Just make sure to tape your name around the plug, so it doesn’t get mixed up gets lost.
  7. Walkie-Talkies:
    Walkie-talkies might sound old school to some people, but these are lifesavers when it comes to events. Cell phones also have walkie-talkie apps, but cell phones tend to lose signals and at times convey the messages later than expected. Some events have mobile service jammers for security purposes, and you need to be in constant contact with your team, or in case of any emergency purpose, or to know the location of your teammates if the venue is a large place. They’re super easy to use and, the only thing that they require a good battery for both handsets and you are good to go.

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