7 Proven Ways to Grow Your IG Account Fast


Over time, most people have taken to Instagram as the platform of the century. The need to grow your Instagram account arises according to different purposes. While others view Instagram as a platform for fun, others have given it some thought as a potential boost to their businesses, community empowerment as well as brand recognition.

Research shows people look to Google to discover surefire ways to gain followers and improve their engagements via the popular platform. On average, 95 million photos and videos are shared daily on Instagram.

This feature is an unexploited opportunity for marketers who will look to get their message to lure customers and build awareness on its brand. Below are some of the ways to get your Instagram account up and running.

  1. Get Ready To Mingle

The basis of any social media platform is to encourage online interactions between different people. Socializing with people could bring favor as you can record an increase in followers as well as active engagements on content posted. Be cheerful in responding to comments which will encourage people to engage more and also share more content. Avoid casual comments and focus more on ingenuity as this will boost people’s morale and build on the existing relationship between you and your followers.

  1. Sell to Your Audience

You need to find out what the audience and give it to them. You need to embark on in-depth research and see where the prize lays. The best place to start is on the comment section, be attentive to what the audience looks for. Also, go through your photo collection and see which content is most appealing and how you can include more on your feed. In this scenario, you are like a market that customers have to shop in; thus, you ought to stock the most wanted commodities. Followers get ticked off, especially when they cannot relate to your content that’s when they hit you with the unfollow button. Thanks to amazing developers, you can now use different applications like Tailwind to analyze, track, and get new stuff for your account!

  1. Throw Contests

This strategy favors entrepreneurs who dig at exposing their brands and get messages of their content to customers. Holding contests could get you considerable numbers in followers, you could aim at giving away goodies or start a competition of who gets the most likes on a product image. You could take it up a notch by using famous Instagrammers as the face of your contests and attract you lots of new customers.

  1. Embrace a Unique Style

Let people wow your sense of style that guarantees them to be back sneaking a peek every time you share content. You could do this by coloring your account in a simple yet sophisticated fashion. It gets frustrating to see your brand matching styles with others hence you should seek to stand out. This feature will let your audience recognize your content as it spreads across other user feeds. You can now get designers who can do this for you and guaranteed to rack up more followers over time.

  1. Like And Comment

According to other successful social influencers, taking time out of your busy schedule to like and leave a comment or two can do much for your account in the long run. It is advisable to like five pictures and leaves an authentic comment that the user can relate and see that you care. You could express admiration for their content that will ensure he/she never forgets you. This simple act is how one finds new followers.

  1. Use of Creative Hashtags

Over time, the use of hashtags has gained popularity not only on Instagram, but other social media networks have embraced the strategy. Hashtags reach more crowds that ensure your content reaches those who do not expect. By use of hashtags, you can build the community around your brand and also help you discover new content to post. They work best, especially when there is a purpose an example is, clean environment that means more life #CE means more life. They also promote empowerment by showing your followers that you value what they post and give you ideas to reflect on new content.

  1. Link Your Instagram Account to Other Social Networks

It is likely an Instagram user has other social media platforms; let’s face it, not everything revolves around Instagram! Having other platforms makes you feel not left out by everyday activities an example is Facebook marking birthday commemorations. You should link your Instagram handle to your account that will ensure followers recognize you outside Instagram. On your Facebook or tweeter share a post encouraging people to follow you on Instagram. Alternatively, share your content and add your Instagram name so that they look you up thereafter.

These are but some of the proven ways to ensure growth on your Instagram account. It’s up to you to choose which Instagram hack works better for you and maximize it to the full.

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