7 Shockingly Tone-Deaf Ads Which Should Have Never Happened

Tone-Deaf Ads

People on Social media are calling out Pepsi for co-opting and profiting off of resistance movements that real people really risk their lives and freedom over. The global campaign ad is tone-deaf, offensive and inconsiderable, but unfortunately, it’s not the first of its kind and we have seen many of such rude and offensive ads before. Brands, including Sony, Tory Burch and Gap, have created advertisements that they could’ve kept to themselves, but such ads happened and we have featured 7 of such ads here.

Tory Burch’s “Juju On That Beat” ad

Nivea’s “White is Purity” ad

Chinese brand Qiaobi’s racist laundry ad

Gap Kids’ complicated ballet ad

Thai company’s appalling skin-whitening ad

Nivea’s offensive “Re-Civilize Yourself” campaign

Sony’s blatantly racist PSP billboard

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