7 Weird Drinks That Are Also Drinkable

Every time your bartender asks you, “What’ll you have?” you mentally go through the list of your favorite drinks. Beer might sound too heavy and whiskey always leads to trouble. You’re stuck, caught in the drinker’s doldrums of monotony. No matter how much you drink there are always more options out there. So get a little crazy with it and explore the alcoholic frontier: the world of weird drinks. Who knows? You just might like some of them.

 Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

Now this is a football watcher’s dream beverage. Pizza and beer mixed together. Try washing this down with some cheesy bread sticks. This is an ale brewed with oregano, basil, tomato and garlic. Some find it delicious.

 Bacon Vodka

Do you like to wake up in the morning and grab yourself a drink? Bacon-flavored vodka on the rocks would go well with that stack of pancakes and syrup. This might be the perfect booze to throw in a bloody but it’s also recommended for making bacon-chocolate martinis, pizza-flavored shots and drinks that taste like a BLT just like mom used to make.


You’ve probably seen the pre-mixed version of this beverage at your local liquor outlet. You can buy those or make the concoction at home. What you need is a light, see-through lager, some clam juice, some tomato juice and a wedge of lime. Yeah, that wasn’t a typo. It’s clam juice and beer. The resulting flavor is great on a hot day.


Leave it to the Canadians to invent a higher octane version of Clamato beer. A Caesar is made like a bloody mary except you take out the tomato juice and sub in some Clamato juice. Throw some Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce in there on top of some salt and pepper and you got yourself a beverage. A lot of Canadians even toss some steak juice in there. Meat juice, clams and booze.

 Squirrel Beer

Ever looked at a squirrel and thought, “That’d make a fine beer bottle?” Well, the guys over at Scotland’s BrewDog did. They brew up a low-carbonation high-octane beer and throw it in some road kill. Yes, the squirrels were once alive. The 55% alcohol brew will cost you $765, but this one might just get you out of your drinker’s doldrums.


Fizzy booze made from yogurt. That’s what Yogurito brings to the table. This bitter-sweet concoction is light on the alcohol, but at least it’s something different. It’s made in Europe and marketed to Japanese customers.


Ever wanted to drink an artichoke? You can with a bottle Cynar. This beverage is an aperitif, which basically means you are supposed to drink it after large meals to help you digest and avoid gas. Throw a wedge of lime into a neat glass of artichoke liqueur to enjoy this fine dining experience.

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