7 Whacky Batman Inspired Things, Including 2 World Records!

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Batman has long been a favored character for comic book fans and with many things that are Batman-inspired, it is quite amazing to think f the millions of fans who make decisions in daily life based solely on their beliefs in Batman! Here, you can learn of 7 crazy things that are all Batman-inspired and can also find out about some whacky world records that have been set. With the popularity of this character, people around the world have altered their lives in some way to accommodate their Batman obsessions. The character is even the main theme for many games, some of which are gambling games that can offer huge payouts. Get ready to learn of some off the wall inspired things all revolving around this hugely popular character.

#1. Batman impersonators are all too common, but one man took his Batman love to a new level. Dressing as Batman, Leonard Robinson of Maryland used to visit hospitalized children dressed as the superhero. Unfortunately, Robinson passed in a car crash following engine trouble with his very own Batmobile.

#2. A world record was set by a video game! Lego Batman was recognized as the bestselling superhero video game ever, beating out many other superhero inspired games. Released in 2008, the game has sold over 12 million copies by 2014

#3. Ready for another world record? How about the highest costing Batman memorabilia ever sold at an auction? An original Batmobile used in the show from the 1960s was sold in Arizona in 2013 for an amazing amount of $4.6 million! The car was complete with rocket boosters and a Bat Phone!

#4. A hotel/casino in Macau is being created and will focus entirely on comic book heroes, featuring the Batman: Dark Flight reality ride, life-sized Batman figures on the casino floor, and Batman-themed games. The resort will be complete with space-themed restaurants with holograms that will create a gigantic viewing window into space. This $3.2 billion resort will be one of the very first to be completely centered on DC’s iconic heroes.

#5. The Dark Knight slot game is one that is all based on Batman. There are two versions of this game, one from IGT and the other from Microgaming. In land casinos, you can enjoy the thrilling Batman experience with the five-reel IGT game, which is linked to the Mega Jackpots network. The online version by Microgaming is linked to the Microgaming network and the only differences between the games are whether they are played online or in land casinos.

The Batman themed online slots offer 243 ways to win and feature 14 winning symbols. There are also two bonus symbols, the wild and the scatter, with the wild being stacked on all reels. The scatter offers instant wins and will trigger the game bonus round, which is a free spin round. The random appearances of Batman and Joker will offer great payouts and the 15 free spins offer double payouts.

#6. Inspired by Batman, a bat fan builds himself a true to the life bat cave. Located in the basement, this $150,000 Bat Cave is a home theatre featuring a 120 inch TV, framed Batman drawings, and the original Batsuit that was featured in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

#7. Batman fans will do just about anything, including naming their child Batman. A Facebook Community page was started and if the owner reached 500,000 likes, he will plan to name his son Batman. Visit the Facebook page.

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