Your $799 iPhone 8 Plus Actually Cost This Much To Make

iPhone 8 Plus

IHS Markit’s annual cost breakdown of the new iPhones suggests that making an iPhone 8 Plus runs about $17 more than the 7 Plus.

The analytics company IHS Markit on Tuesday released its annual teardown of iPhone production costs, and if the estimate is correct what strikes me most is that the iPhone 8 Plus — with 32GB more memory, a more powerful processor, wireless charging and a slightly improved camera — only costs about $17.80 more to make.

While you might outrage at the thought that over half the price of the phone isn’t spent on components, it actually makes sense given what I suspect is Apple’s huge cost overhead of intangibles.

Plus, as long as the iPhone retains its tech je ne sais quois, you’ll be paying a zeitgeist premium for it.

Another interesting note from the company’s report is that it estimates the cost of manufacturing has increased by about $0.60; given the addition of the back glass, wireless charging circuitry and so on.

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