8 Celebrity Body Parts Insured for More Than a Million

Are your legs worth a billion dollars? According to the insurance industry, Mariah Carey’s are. Think about it a moment – one thousand millions. Now those are some expensive stems.\

Most A-List celebrities are movie stars and sports heroes, so it should come as no surprise that they prize (and value) their bodies considerably more than the average Joe.

Below are the most bizarre body parts insured by our favorite stars. They include everything from derrieres to chest hair.


$1 Million Legs

Rihanna, singer

$1 Million Legs Rihanna,

In all honesty those legs need to be insured they should be declared as world heritage site !

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Breasts – Holly Madison

Ex-Girl Next Door Holly Madison insured her lady lumps for $1 million, making Dolly Parton (whose famed bosom is covered for a measly $600,000) look like a slouch.

The Butt – Jennifer Lopez

The butt that launched a thousand implants, various reports have Jennifer Lopez’s bootilicious rear insured for between $300 million and $1 billion. But of late, J-Lo’s received some major competition for the junk-in-the-trunk crown. Close on her heels is famed royal-in-law Pippa Middleton; Pippa’s Maid of Honor padding set off a world-wide craze and the tabloids just can’t seem to get enough of her trendy boots and skinny jeans.

Chest Hair – Tom Jones

That Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7 million is particularly ironic considering how many people pay to have theirs removed.

Feet – Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley, of Irish dancing fame, insured his fancy feet for $39 million (apparently $38 million was too little?) After all, he IS the Lord of the Dance.

Hands – Keith Richards

Provided the rest of him hangs together, Keith Richards’ hands will return a hefty sum of $2 million should anything happen to them. I wish to see him in action in his concerts if i can get my hands on the tickets that is !

Legs – Mariah Carey & Friends

Far and away the most popular body part to insure, celebrities seem to have a real paranoia of losing their legs. For footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, this may make some sense – but Jamie Lee Curtis? Really?

Have anyone of you people out there seen Mariah on her concerts ? i’m sure she performs amazing on the live stage as she does on the telly.

Mariah Carey – $1 billion

Cristiano Ronaldo – $144 million

David Beckham – $70 million

Tina Turner – $3.2 million

Heidi Klum – $2.2 million

Jamie Lee Curtis – $2 million

Angie Dickinson – $1 million

Rihanna – $1 million

Betty Grable – $1 million (1940s dollars, non-inflation adjusted)

Mary Hart – $1 million

Teeth – America Ferrara

America Ferrera – of “Ugly Betty” and “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” fame – had her grill insured by Aquafresh for $10 million as part of a charity campaign.

Tongue – Gene Simmons

The KISS front man values his protruding muscular hydrostat at $1 million. Just how he would lose this tongue is a mystery…

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And some other random fun facts about crazy celeb insurance:

– David Lee Roth’s sperm insured his sperm for $1 million to cover any potential paternity suits.

– Cricket player Merv Hughes insured his famous trademark mustache for $317,000.

– Funny man Ben Turpin was the first celebrity to insure a body part. He valued his comical, often crossed eyes at $25,000 in the 1910s.

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