8 Expert Tips and Tricks for Playing Bubble Garden (and Bubble Shooter Games)

Bubble Garden

Bubbles Garden is the latest hit in the skill games market. It is an amazing arcade game that you can learn in seconds, but it will take a lot of practice to call yourself a master player. If you have ever played a game in the bubble shooting genre, you will know what to expect from this title.

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If you have already set your mind on Bubbles Garden, make sure to read these expert tips that will help to become better at this game.

#1: Aim for More Bubbles

Let’s start with the most obvious tip out there, but also an essential one. The least bubbles you should match to clear them is three. However, you should always aim for more than that. Clearing more bubbles at once brings you more points with a single move.

This approach is what can make a difference in the end. You have a limited amount of time available, and you need to make the maximum out of every move. Aiming for the highest number of bubbles to match is the way to do that.

#2: Take Advantage of the Walls

Targeting bubbles located higher up the board is another great method of clearing a bigger portion of the screen with each move. However, it may not be easy to reach high rows every time.

If you want to make things easier, consider using the walls on both sides. Each bubble will deflect off the wall and continue its planned trajectory. It is what can allow you to find a way around the first rows and aim for the bubbles placed above them. By triggering and clearing them, you will automatically erase any bubbles that are left hanging.

#3: Plan Ahead and Consider the Next Bubble

In Bubbles Garden, you can always see which bubble will come next, which is something you should use to your advantage. It is what enables you to plan in advance and design a strategy to maximize your score and clear as much of the board as possible.

It is, however, also essential to think quickly. Remember, the timer is ticking and counting down, which means that every second matter. Try to find the best balance between speed and strategy.

#4: Take a Moment Before You Shoot

If you are looking for a situation when you should stop for a moment when playing Bubbles Garden, it is right before you shoot a bubble. While speed also generates a lot of points, it is essential not to miss your target.

Sending the bubble elsewhere will not only result in no points for that move, but it will also change the board layout and make it more difficult. You may trust your aim, but ensuring that you are on target every time is essential.

#5: Some Bubbles Will Change Colors

Here is something you maybe didn’t know – when you play Bubbles Garden, certain bubbles may change colors. It only happens after you launch a bubble at them, and only if you combined particular colors. For example, if you shoot a light blue piece with a yellow bubble, the light blue one will turn into green.

The above combination is logical as the same mixture can be used in reality. Make sure to discover all other potential bubble mixtures when you play to improve your chances of winning.

#6: Focus on Releasing the Cubs

The game puts you in the role of the mother who needs to free their cubs. They somehow got trapped in bubbles, and it is your task to clear the bubbles and release the cubs.

When you start playing, make sure to identify the position of the bubbles that contain cubs (usually in the center of the screen). Tailor your strategy around releasing them to boost your score and get one step closer to victory.

#7: Use the Demo Mode to Practice

In skill gaming, practice is everything. That is why many skill games platforms allow you to perfect your game in the free mode. Think of it as a demo version that contains all the same features with two important differences:

  1. You do not have to invest any real money to play, but you also do not get cash prizes when you win.
  2. You play solo or against the computer.

The free mode is the ideal way to practice and learn how the game works. After playing several sessions, your skills will be at a satisfying level to start competing against real opponents to earn actual cash!

#8: No Room for Distractions

When you play skill games, especially if you are participating in real money competitions, there is no room for distractions. Each second and move matter, which is why your focus has to be at the highest level.

That is why you should look to put your phone or silent and ensure that no one bothers you while the session lasts. It will ensure that you concentrate on the game itself instead of wasting precious time on distractions. And don’t worry because the sessions are short and won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time.


As you can see in this article, you can learn a lot from experienced players. They are called experts for a reason, after all. If you want to join the club, take another look at the tips offered in this article and try to use them when playing. The chances are these tips will help you to increase your score and assist you in winning big sums of money in Bubbles Garden!

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