8 Free iPad Apps For Elementary Students

 iPad Apps For Elementary Students

Most of us are more interested in what are the best educational apps for adults, but there are many educational apps for students and teachers, more particularly classroom iPad app for elementary students. The Google has on offering some lovely apps specifically to teachers and students from the elementary class who possess iPads and are very much interested into removing the chaff from the wheat digitally speaking. The bouquet of free elementary apps includes software, games, and basic educational apps. There are on offering some beautiful free iPad apps just right for elementary teachers to teach in the most elementary manner to their elementary students. 


Dr. Watson

It is all very elementary Dr. Watson! These free iPad apps cover everything they teach you at the elementary school including audiovisuals, stories, colorful games, and much more. Your elementary students will be kept busy and simultaneously will do some revision on what they have been learning in school.

The benefit of such reading iPad app is that whatever the children need to read and tell their stories is incorporated here. There are no skills required for drawing in the app. There is a collection of characters in 3D and 2D, some fancy stickers, and some fun objects and backgrounds which the student can just with a swipe of a finger resize or even rotate. The student can even design the cover page, or add text material and even some bubbles for speech. Using Dr. Watson, the students can even add some of their own pictures as elements of the background to the stories – drop an armored tank into the child’s own bedroom and see the effect. The students can let their imagination run wild with the ability of the app to draw and color fun characters, stickers, and backgrounds.


Movie of the Week

The all-encompassing world of knowledge including Math, Arts, Social Studies, Reading, Science, Writing, and Technology come bundled up in the BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app. The humorous and gentle guides, Moby and Annie relate every topic so succinctly that all the kids are empowered to come up with fantastic ideas of their own. This BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app is meant for cultivation of the elementary students’ skill for critical aspects and for encouraging these students to make connections and learn in the Socrates’ way by asking questions.



Another free iPad app for elementary students is. This is an enchanting new method of sharing what you learn with the accompaniment of sound. This app helps the student to relay information from one iPhone to another in the form of a song. This Chirp app helps the teacher to induce the students to sing and also to pass on their information to another. This iPad tool helps the student to sing away not only notes, but also photos, link, and much more – all from the inbuilt speaker of the Apple iPhone. You can share with your fellow students all the pictures which you send and receive photos from the camera. This Chirp app is the simplest education tool which should be downloaded by every elementary teacher as well as the student.

Doodle Buddy Gold

Another fairytale app for elementary students is the Doodle Buddy Gold which is a charming app to have on your Apple iPhone. This app enables you to scribble, paint, sketch, and draw with your fingers without spoiling any walls. You may also partner with your fellow students and paint on the Net.

iPad Apps For Elementary Students


An enchanting app for the elementary student is the VocabularySpellingCity which helps you to learn spellings in a fun way with the help of games. You are able to improve your vocabulary with the help of a list of words. The activities most used are the vocabulary games, the Hunger Games, Sound-Alikes, the SAT Words, and the Compound Words. The free app includes eight of the most well-liked activities and games and ten of the most prevalent lists of words. Due to the pace of this app, the students can work at their own speed and are able to receive feedback instantly after submission of the test undertaken.


The love of reading is inculcated in the students at the elementary level itself. The iBooks app helps the teacher to do so with fun and ease. This app helps the student to download classics or any book which they love from the online iBook Store and enjoy reading even at night. All you have to do is browse through the online library and then just tap with your finger and begin reading your favorite story. The world is at your fingertip!
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Our Story

Even in today’s ultra-modern era of the net and smartphone, reading is a skill which everyone should possess. Reading helps you to acquire knowledge and helps you to contribute to Custom Writing or other similar services that help students. This app called Our Story for iPad enables the elementary students to derive immense pleasure from reading at the same time it helps them to develop their social skills and their vocabulary. This app may be fundamental with most of the elementary schools as it helps you to access new worlds and grasp the wealth of knowledge out there.

Story Creator

Every child is possessed with a vivid imagination and it just requires a push to blossom. The Story Creator app is just one such app which helps the children to put into pictures and words what their imagination holds. This Story Creator app brings to life charming, picturesque, stories including text, audio, videos, and photos all combined in a stunning collection of books. This app also helps you to enjoy your personal experiences, audios, videos, and pictures along with your friends, family, and fellow students.

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