8 of the Absolute Best Sci-fi Movies on the Planet


The vast majority of the American population goes to the movies at least once per year. As movies become more grandiose in scale and theaters become more aggressive with their deals, we think that number will start moving upwards in subsequent years.

Out of all of the films that bring people to theaters, sci-fi movies tend to be the biggest draw. After all, watching a country get blown up by a meteor is just so much more satisfying on a 72-foot screen.

To celebrate all of the excellence in sci-fi that we’ve seen over the decades, below, our team breaks down our 8 favorite science fiction pictures in no particular order.

Super 8

  1. Super 8

It could be said that Super 8 paved the way for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Whatever your take is on that though, one thing is for sure…

The movie Super 8 is downright awesome.

It celebrates film, classic science fiction fun, and of course, J.J. Abrams’ mastery behind the camera.

J.J. would move on from this film to direct other sci-fi movies of note including the first two Star Trek reboot films and the first Star Wars reboot film.


  1. Ready Player One

J.J. Abrams attributed a lot of the style that he used in Super 8 to Steven Spielberg’s pioneering techniques. Therefore, it’s only right that the next movie on our list is from Mr. Spielberg himself.

We get that there are a number of other sci-fi movies by this director that should be on this list before Ready Player One (E.T. for starters). You already know all about E.T. though (and in our opinion, the movie hasn’t aged as well as cinema buffs would like you to believe).

For a modern take on the science fiction genre that’s fun and celebrates pop-culture, press play and dive into Ready Player One.


  1. Avatar

Man oh man… It feels like forever since the original Avatar came out. It was supposed to be that the movie would follow-up on its momentum with a number of sequels.

Due to production delays though, 10-years later, those sequels still aren’t ready to be watched.

Still, the original Avatar is a force to be reckoned with. It boasts beautiful visuals, a compelling (albeit familiar) storyline, and exceptional performances from its two leads.

Movies in History That Were Ahead of Their Time

  1. The Matrix

No sci-fi movies list is complete without a nod to The Matrix. This movie broke boundaries in just about every conceivable way and is borrowed from by today’s exceptional John Wick franchise.

It’s said that this movie sharply boosted interest in AI and data science jobs. The Matrix showed us what the future of technology could look like, we certainly weren’t surprised by the uptick in interest.

  1. Moon

If you haven’t heard of the science fiction movie Moon, we don’t blame you. It largely flew under the radar when it was released.

Just because a movie flies under the radar though doesn’t mean that it’s not excellent. Such is the case with Moon.

Moon gave Sam Rockwell a resurgence as an actor and the twist ending that this film showcase is unlike anything that you’d expect.


  1. Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek got a reboot from J.J. Abrams back in 2009. In our opinion, as good as that movie was, we loved its follow up film even better.

Into Darkness features an incredible titular villain in Kahn. Kahn is masterfully portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch and we can’t get enough of his finishing “skull crush” maneuver.

Into Darkness is part of a trilogy that includes “Star Trek” as a prequel and “Star Trek: Beyond” as a follow-up film. Into Darkness was the last Star Trek film directed by J.J. Abrams as he decided to move onto Star Wars afterward.

  1. Splice

Splice is really weird. We aren’t sure what we think about it.

It’s interesting and at the same time a bit of a science fiction fetish movie that might attract some and make others feel a little bit odd.

In any case, Splice is wholly original and features excellent performances by academy award winners Adrian Brody and Julianna Moore.

Just avoid watching this one with your parents… There is a lot of potentially uncomfortable alien intercourse knocking about in this film.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Some would argue that Mad Max shouldn’t be on a sci-fi movie list because it’s a post-apocalyptic film. We think that those two genres are largely the same and as such, decided to give Mad Max a slot on our list.

Mad Max boasts visually incredible, over-the-top fun from start to finish. It truly captures veteran director George Miller at his best.

As far as star power goes behind this film, you’ll get to enjoy Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron playing off of one another over the course of this movie’s 2-hour run time.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Sci-fi Movies on the Planet

Writing an article on the best sci-fi movies on the planet will always raise some eyebrows. After all, no movie leaves the exact same impression on two different people.

Still, we’re confident that our list embodies some of the absolute best genre titles that the world has been graced within recent history.

Don’t believe us? Prove us wrong!

Grab a bucket of popcorn, clear out your calendar for next Saturday and watch some of our suggested flicks. We don’t think that you’ll be disappointed.

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