8 Tips for Taking Minimalist Landscape Photos

10 European Landscapes Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Photography is one challenging art. Everyone knows how to make a photo, but how to make a great one know only a handful of people. Taking pictures of people versus landscapes also requires a very different set of skills and techniques. Minimalist images on top of that are even more demanding. You need to take various conditions into account, the weather, perfect settings, appropriate background etc. Let’s talk about minimalist landscape photography tips to help you out in becoming a professional photographer.


Choosing the perfect location

When it comes down to landscape pictures, the most important thing is to choose an exciting and unique place. Landscape surrounds all of us, but not every tree or plant deserves to be remembered by taking a photo. You can create minimalistic images pretty much everywhere if you have the right lense. However, if you choose more remote places, you will have the chance to stand out. An excellent option for all the minimalist photographers out there is the coastal area. Not only does it provide a range of unique subjects to take a photo of, but the water is a fantastic background, creating the contrast you need. Another location to consider could be a desert area or the mountains.


Simplicity all the way

Finding a simple landscape is something you should start your minimalist photography journey with. It will also save you tons of editing work when you choose a view that doesn’t have many elements to it. Try to avoid landscapes that are very busy not to have a lot of visual elements in your scene. If you can not escape busy areas, try different angles for your picture to lower the number of distractions to your photo.

10 European Landscapes Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Finding the focal point

Even though minimalistic landscape photos usually don’t have many objects in them, you should still include an object of focus. Without having a focal point to your picture, your work can come across as bland or boring. It could be a silhouette standing in the middle of the scenery, a pop of colour, or taking a photo of the reflection of the landscape. Any photo needs an element that will draw attention, make sure to have a strong one to make yours compelling. Find your focal point and build your composition around it.


Your secret weapon

The secret weapon in minimalist landscape photography is using a wide-angle lens. You can have all the skills in the world, but without proper equipment, there is so much you can do. This type of lens is considered the best choice for minimalistic pictures. It helps you in shifting the focus towards your focal point and take it away from any destructions in the background. If you don’t have such a lense, don’t worry, there is an alternative in existence. It is a lens with a longer focal length. This lens allows you to compress your scene. It won’t work as well as a wide-angle lens, but it will enable you to capture a beautiful landscape.

10 European Landscapes Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Camera settings

Having a quality lens is necessary to take great photos, but the settings you put your camera on, matter as well. Start at ISO 100 for perfect range, then change your aperture to f/11 for detail focus. After you are done with that, check your histogram to adjust your shutter speed. And that is all you need to take a perfect picture.


Time management

Time is of the essence when it comes to the art of photography. You want to be able to avoid the crowds of tourists and take your photos with the best light possible. The timing you choose will have a massive impact on the quality of your picture. If you want the sun to be present in your photos, go for the dusk of dawn, and play with the shadows. An excellent time for taking pictures using the 90-degree angle is noon.

10 European Landscapes Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Fog is your friend

Usually, you avoid bad weather at all costs, but when taking minimalist landscape photos, fog is something you should look out for. The foggy day will help when you lack an appropriate background or when you want to add a dash of mystery to your scenes. Shooting in fog creates a sense of depth to your pictures and will hide all the distractions. Another weather condition that may work in your advantage is snow. But you have to remember that landscapes during winter may have a smaller range of colors to offer.



Editing photos is a very personal activity. Every photographer does it their way. You can choose a professional software of your liking. But to make your pictures stand out, you should know that there are specific apps on the market that will help you edit your minimalistic photographs. Check out the Alien sky app, the TouchRetouch app or Reflect app, and add special effects to your scenes.

Photography is an art that, after reading this article, should be less complicated for you. All you need to do now is to try applying these eight tips to your next minimalist landscape photo session. Get out there, enjoy nature and capture landscapes in the best way you can.


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