8 Tips on How to Write a Movie Analysis Essay


If the audience likes the film, then it deserves the attention of critics. A competent movie analysis essay should entertain, inform, and convince readers, and contain an outstanding opinion. But not disclose all the details of the plot. A quality movie analysis essay can itself become a masterpiece.

Thanks to the tips of essay service, you will learn how to write analytical essays about films. The entertainment value of your essay is not inferior to the film itself.


  1. Capture the reader’s attention instantly

The first sentence is a surprising fact about the film. The reader must understand what is needed to read further your essay.  It can be a comparison with a current event or film, a brief review, context, or background fact.


  1. 2. Immediately formulate a clear and informed opinion.

Do not force your reader to guess and wonder how much you liked the movie. Provide a rating at the beginning of the review to state your reasons for the remainder. For example, use asterisks, a rating scale from zero to 10, or a simple “good” and “bad” to immediately outline your opinion. Further, explain the reasons for choosing such an assessment.


  1. 3. Analyze the movie

At this stage, your notes made while watching a movie are useful to you. No one will be interested in an opinion that is not supported by facts.


  1. 4. Do not limit yourself just to the plot analysis.

Movie analysis is only one aspect of the film and should not dominate the essay. Some good films have a very average plot. Pay attention to such moments as the work of the operator, mood, music, and acting.


  1. 5. Tips for analyzing a film

First, you need to learn the basic facts about the film. This step can be performed before or after viewing the tape, but it is imperative before starting work on the essay.


  1. 6. Take notes while watching the film

Prepare a paper in advance to take notes. Due to watch, it is easy to forget some details or plot twists. Taking notes allows you to record the necessary information.

Write positive and negative points that are striking. These can be costumes, makeup, scenery, and more. Think about how much details affect the film and how they can be used in reviews.

Write patterns that you can notice while browsing. Often pause the movie and, if necessary, use the rewind to not miss anything important.


  1. 7. Rate the technical aspects of the film.

Analyze the individual components from which the film will be folded. Make your own opinion about the following:

The work of the director. Consider the personality of the director and the ways of depicting or explaining the events around which the plot is built. If events develop too slowly or do not reflect important points in the story, then this is the director’s fault. If you are familiar with the other works of this director, then compare the films with each other and select the best from them.

The work of the operator. What techniques and tools are used in the film? How much scenery and visuals help create the necessary atmosphere?

Scenario. Evaluate the script, dialogues, and characters. Did the plot seem inventive enough and unpredictable or boring and weak? Replicas of characters sound very natural or implausible?

Installation. Does the movie use a ragged montage or smooth transitions between scenes? How does it affect the development of the plot? Does the installation hinder or facilitate the perception of events? Are long shots used to emphasize acting skills, or close-up short shots to show the characters’ reactions to events or cues? How well are visual effects used in a picture? Do they look natural or create the impression of unreality?

Style. Are clothes chosen well for the film? Suits compliment the atmosphere or spoil the idea of the director?

Scenery. How much does the scene affect other aspects, make it easier or more difficult to perceive the film? Is the place successfully chosen if the film was not shot in the pavilion?

Musical accompaniment. Musik is chosen well? Creators abuse or use little sounds? Does the music create tension? Entertaining or annoying? A soundtrack can save or destroy a movie, especially songs with deep meaning.


  1. 8. It is very useful to review the whole movie again.

It is impossible to fully understand the film after the first viewing, especially when it stops to make recordings. Writing my essay today it is a good idea, but review the film at least one more time and then start writing an essay. Notice the details that could slip away from your attention for the first time. Concentrate on other aspects. If for the first time, you paid all attention to the actor’s game, now investigate the work of the operator.


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