83 Easter Eggs and References Pointed Out in HBO’s WATCHMEN Episode 1


The second episode of Watchmen will be airing on HBO tonight but before you watch that, I’ve got a video here which you should definitely watch it right now. It comes from ScreenCrush and it shows and discusses 83 Easter eggs and references from the first episode of the Watchmen . There’s a lot of stuff in the video that I didn’t catch while watching the first episode! So maybe you’ll learn something new and interesting with this video today about the series and how it connects to the original Watchmen mythos.

Learn about the legacy #Rorshach left behind, how #NiteOwl influenced the future, and how #PresidentRedford figures into all of this. 30 years later, is #Veidt a failure or a success? When will #DrManhattan return? And how does Rogers and Hammerstein’s #Oklahoma! fir into all this?



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