8MP Camera Made With LEGO!

8MP Camera Made With LEGO

This is not a toy! It is a 8MP camera for all the Lego buffs out there. It can be a cool first camera for your kids, So they can share the same passion as you for Lego. It is an actual Lego product and has the ability to hold up to eighty digital images at one time. It has a 1.5″ color LCD screen, a built-in flash and downloading images to your PC or laptop is not difficult as it is done by USB.

Product dimensions are 3.8 x 2.5 x 1 inches and the unit weighs a scant 2.4 ounces. That’s right. Not even three pounds. Just life. Then, shoot. Then, edit once the image is downloaded to your computer.

The recommended age group for this Lego camera is seven to fifteen years of age and the one lithium battery which is required for operation is included. You can buy it at Amazon.

8MP Camera Made With LEGO

8MP Camera Made With LEGO


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