9 Best Horror Movies Ever, No Matter Your Taste in Horror

If you glorify a good scare as much as we do, if the blood-thirsty abominations of nature keep you intrigued and you’re somehow acclimatized to the jumpscares, then you may be completely familiar with the movies below. But nonetheless, you may still love re-watching them, like all true horror movie lovers do, when Sunday nights are chilly and beg for a night on the couch with an obscenely big bowl of popcorn. Keep reading below to see our top of the best horror movie, no matter what fills your cup of tea.

Summer Of ’84

#1. Summer Of ’84 – 2018

If you loved Stranger Things as much as we do, then you will most certainly love Summer of ’84. With a striking similarity in vibe, plot and story, many of you out there might be scandalized by this aspect. But you still have to see it. For many, the Summer of ’84 may be a pale replica of the notorious Netflix TV series, but let’s face it: everybody loves a story about a group of teenage outcasts that embarks in a dangerous journey to discover where and why other teenage fellows keep disappearing from their neighborhood.

But in the small town of Ipswich, the residents don’t seem very concerned about the wave of disappearances, continue to leave their doors unlocked at night, and let their children freely roaming the streets in a game named “Manhunt”. This offers our group of conspiracy-freak teenage boys the freedom of movement to hunt down and investigate the serial killer in their small Canadian town.


#2. Unsane – 2018

This American psychological thriller, directed by Steven Soderbergh, focuses on the story of a woman confined in a mental health institution against her will after she is pursued by her stalker. Our heroine, Sawyer Valentini, played by Claire Foy, comes to face her greatest fear, her stalker. Or does she? With a continuous sense of claustrophobia and uncertainty, present throughout the whole movie, you come to doubt your judgment just as much as you doubt Miss Valentini’s.

Oh, and the most impressive part? The whole movie was shot with an iPhone, which is easy to forget about after the first two minutes, thanks to Soderbergh directorial mastery.



#3. The Thing – 1982

The 1982 classic is certainly a horror movie that you have to periodically re-watch. The scientist team located at an Antarctic research station is terrified and hunted down by a shape-shifting alien disguised as one of them. The gore and paranoia make the delight on the watcher, and the constant feeling of doom is gradually amplified throughout the movie. For the age and time when the movie was shot, the special effects are certainly groundbreaking. So, you will witness some bizarre and frightening creatures and remain with a strong impression after the movie.


#4. The caller – 2011

A young divorcee is continuously traumatized by a strange person constantly and repeatedly calling her after moving to a new apartment to put her life back on track. The unsettling atmosphere and the realistic approach contribute to the eerie feeling of the movie. At least, in this day and time, we can reverse phone lookup and find out who is calling us so we don’t live this horror.


#5. The Shining – 1980

Another horror genre classic that you MUST cross off your list is this masterpiece. Based on Stephen King’s novel with which the movie shares the name, in this work of acting, we witness Jack, played by Jack Nicholson turn into a complete lunatic. Tricked into violence and gore by the evil spirits in the hotel, Jack slowly loses contact with reality. And obviously, Stanley Kubrick does an amazing job at transposing the torment and atmosphere on the screen. But what makes this movie truly scary is the obsessive attention to detail and the hypnotic horror. You want to look away, but you just can’t.

Blair Witch

#6. The Blair Witch Project – 1999

Following two horror movie clichés (the hunted wood and the found footage tape) in a new, terrifying way, the Blair Witch Project follows the story of a group of young enthusiastic people who want to find out what is hiding in the woods near Burkittsville. According to the locals, no matter the shape the thing might have, you certainly don’t want to stay after dark in the woods. This, of course, if you’re not Heather (Heather Donahue), an aspiring documentarian who drags her camera crew rather forcibly rather than willingly into the words.

But unlike other cliché hunted-woods, found-footage movies, the Blair Witch Project gives you the heebie-jeebies because the actors really did the whole filming themselves. Plus, the movie is the one that invented the genre as well. The final scene will leave you impressed and scared for a long time, too.


#7. The Ritual – 2017

Yes, another out-in-the-hunted-woods horror movie, but this one wonderfully mixes a murder, a series of nightmares that reflect our protagonists’ darkest fears and deepest remorse, and a hidden creature in the woods that terrorizes the group of British friends, in a journey to honor one lost member of the group. The action takes you from a pub in Britain to a secluded forest in Sweden and the director, David Bruckner, does an amazing job at mixing and bottling up all sorts of emotions and vibes into a single movie. If you want to watch a Netflix horror movie that will truly keep you glued to your screen, then watch The Ritual.


#8. Suspiria – 1977

A must-see classic of the genre, if you pride yourself on being an enthusiast, Suspiria follows the story of a dance student, Suzy (played by Jessica Harper) admitted at a German dance academy. On the same night of her arrival, another student is murdered. As she slowly accommodates at her new school, Suzie starts to notice that some things are not what they seem. The plot is certainly the reason why you MUST see this horror movie classic but the eerie atmosphere certainly contributes to the artistic value of the movie.

Being an intrinsic stylish and intriguing assault on all senses, the atmosphere is also successfully set with unnatural lighting and an insane soundtrack.


#9. The Babadook – 2014

The movie follows the story of a struggling mother of a difficult child in their spirits-ridden home. The loss of her husband doesn’t help with the whole situation when her mind slowly slips from reality and starts imagining things…or not.

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