9 Eerie Mysteries of the Internet To Give You The Chills


Nowadays, creepy campfire stories are not limited to scary tales about ghosts. Some of the strangest internet things will leave you with goosebumps and will make you swear off the internet.

Here is a list of some of the strangest incidents which have occurred on the internet.


1. Reddit A858

Several years ago a Reddit account started posting, what appeared to be, a series of random numbers and texts. What made this even stranger was that the owner of the page was not interested in gaining attention, offered no explanation, and just continued posting the arbitrary numbers and texts.

Users have since then come to the conclusion that these texts and numbers are, in fact, codes and since then, Reddit threads and groups have opened up to solve this mystery.

To add on, the owner of the Reddit page eventually changed the settings of the thread to private, only allowing those who showed genuine interest to join in on the games.


2. Internet Black Holes

The concept of an internet black hole is as mysterious as the phenomenon of black holes themselves. Sometimes when data or information is sent around the internet, it never reaches the receiver even though it was sent. The question is, then where does the information go?

The simple reasoning is considering the possibility that the information is sent to a dead address or an address that does not work anymore.

However, this is not always the case as it does not account for every incident. Some people believe that hackers intercept and steal the data while it is on its way to its receiver.


3. Mortis and Tom Ling

Upon searching Mortis, you will notice two things: firstly, the site for Mortis has been shut down, and secondly, there is not a lot of information available about the site.

The site is essentially a page that is protected by a username and password and it caught the attention of tech-savvy users who wanted to find a way into the site. However, it proved to be impossible to crack and only lead to a single name, Tom Ling.

What started out as a challenge for hackers soon caught the attention of feds which lead to it being shut down. This led everyone to become confused about what could have been so special about that website. Furthermore, it turned out that Tom Ling actually ran multiple sites such as this one of which all were shut down.

People speculate that Mortis and the rest of Tom Ling’s websites were all data warehouses or contained confidential information.


4. Markovian Parallax Denigrate

The Markovian Parallax Denigrate is somewhat considered a classic of strange incidents on the internet. In the ‘90s, a series of nonsensical texts appeared in discussions on Usenet.

Some users believed they were a code and made their attempts at cracking it. However, they could not find any answers as to what the Markovian Parallax Denigrate was. To this day, what it means and where it came from remains a mystery.


5. Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 is one of the most famous mysteries of the internet and is still widely discussed. In 2012, an organization posted some codes for code-breakers to find and crack. This began as their filtration process of recruiting members to complete their mystery

Since then, throughout the years verified clues have been posted around the internet. Each clue had directed participants to a new round and thus continued the game.

Cicada 3301’s intent still remains a mystery even today but one thing is clear: the creator seems to be searching for exceptionally intelligent code-breakers through rounds of codes with changing difficulty levels.


6. GhostNet

GhostNet first surfaced when the Dalai Lama suspected that their computer system might be compromised, which lead to the investigation which uncovered GhostNet

GhostNet is essentially when an attacking organization sends emails that seem relevant. The emails contain attachments which, upon opening, will infect the computer. Usually, the computer falls under the control of the attacker as they can send commands to the device.

This phenomenon has infiltrated the systems of several governments since it first surfaced.


7. The Deep Web

The deep web is the hub of illegal activity on the internet. It does not use standard search engines and the content of the sites is hard to trace. This basically means that an entire portion of the internet is entirely open for criminals to do their work.

Stories about drug and weapon trade, human trafficking, and terrorism are not unheard of when stories of the deep web come up.


8. Jack Froese’s Email

By the age of only 32, Jack Froese met his end due to health issues. However, it would not be the last time Froese’s friends and family would hear from him. Tim Hart, a friend of Jack Froese, received an email from Froese after his passing with the message, “I’m watching.”

This story rules out a lot of possibilities due to Hart and Froese’s relationship. An email from Froese told Hart that he was in his attic and to clean the place up.

This shocked Hart because before Froese passed away, they were both in the attic and Froese had commented on how the place needed to be cleaned up.


9. Webdriver Torso

The web driver torso is another popular phenomenon of the internet. Suddenly, a series of 11-second videos were uploaded on Youtube, all featuring blue and red shapes. No meaning could be derived from these seemingly random videos and speculations of its purpose even went to the extent of including aliens.

Final Thoughts

As vast as the internet is, it is not surprising that it has led to this endless phenomenon. However, some of them are truly eerie and have even left many paranoid about their own safety.

Who knew that a small device with an internet connection could compromise the safety and scare so many people.

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