9 Famous Brand Logos Get Transformed Into Incredible Female Versions

Brand Logos

The women’s day was all about empowering women, and many companies than ever have come together to celebrate this day.

Creative Equals, an association trying to support talented women and increase diversity in creative industries, has chosen to replace iconic brand logos with female figures in order to highlight the issues of unbalanced branding in the media.

Their logos include companies like Pringles, Monopoly, DreamWorks, Schwarzkopf, and Bic. Creative Equals hope that this will bring out the issues of gender inequality because according to the organization’s founder and CEO Ali Hanan, 89.5 percent of design directors are male and it can affect a brand’s identity.

In an interview with Dezeen, Ali Hanan said that they are not attacking any of these brands personally, but they wanted to show many examples to get people celebrating International Women’s Day and thinking about the need for more women.

More info: Creative Equals  (h/t designtaxi)

Miss Pringles

Miss Monopoly

Miss Schwarzkopf

Miss Dreamworks

Miss Bic

Miss Bafta

Miss Oscar

This year’s International Women’s Day also inspired other famous companies to change their logos to honor women:



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