9 Places to Snag Snapshots While Visiting Nashville and Its Surrounding Suburbs


To say that Nashville is a one-of-a-kind city would be an understatement.

Brimming with personality, including a world-famous country music scene?


Fantastic southern fare and rich history? Yep.

No shortage of things to do? Yeah, that too.

And while you’re exploring what Nashville has to offer, you’re definitely going to want to snag some snapshots along the way. For amateur Instagrammers and professional photographers alike, the Music City has some stunning photo ops.

That is if you know where to find them.

Whether you’ve booked a vacation package with the help of a service like Vacations Made Easy or are just passing through, we’ve broken down eleven amazing places to take pictures throughout Nashville.

Downtown Nashville

Home to Honky Tonk Highway, there are tons of great portrait spots and action shots to take in downtown Nashville. For starters, nighttime shots of classic country music venues such as The Stage and Tootsies encapsulate the city proper when it’s at its liveliest. From passers-by to iconic Nashville imagery, there’s something to snap around every corner.

Additionally, downtown Nashville is home to tons of street artists and murals including the famed “I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE” murals sprinkled throughout the city. If you’re eating at a popular downtown spot, make sure to look outside and see what sort of wall art is available for a portrait: you might be surprised at what’s around the corner!

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Connected directly to downtown Nashville, the bridge itself is a sight to see when it’s lit up at night. If you want get onto the bridge itself, the view offers a beautiful partial view of the Nashville skyline. If you can manage to be on the bridge around dusk or dawn, we highly recommend it.

ACME Feed & Seed

Listing a restaurant as a must-see photo spot might seem a bit backward, but the photos from ACME Feed & Seedspeak for themselves.

If you want a picturesque solo or group shot with downtown Nashville in the background, look no further than ACME. Likewise, there’s perhaps no better place to document southern foodie fare and cocktails. A fantastic place to double-dip a photoshoot and an awesome meal, this rooftop hotspot has you covered.

The Ryman Auditorium

Nashville is synonymous with country music and visiting the historic Ryman Auditoriumis essential for diehards and casual fans alike. From the epic wooden stage to backstage tours featuring sights such as Johnny Cash’s dressing room, the Ryman provides photo-hungry visitors an opportunity to document Nashville’s musical and historical significance firsthand.

Radnor Lake

Although Radnor Lake and its subsequent state park requires a slight drive beyond Nashville proper, the trip is totally worth it for nature lovers. A treat to visit during the fall, visitors can get up close and personal to photograph wildlife including otters, owls and waterfowl. Hiking Otter Creek Road Trail at Radnor Lake offers some great action and wilderness shots as well.

The Nashville Parthenon

The story of the Nashville Parthenon is rather fascinating, but the sight of the actual structure is something to awe at. In addition to the Parthenon itself, the interior is home to dozens of paintings and sculptures, including a 40-foot statue of the goddess Athena. Nearby Centennial Park and Vanderbilt University offer additional landscape shots as well.

Belle Meade Plantation

This mansion and winery is a shining example of southern history mixed with modern Greek architecture. Multiple tours are available which cover the plantation’s 30 acres, although the main structure itself is the main attraction.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens are a photographer’s dream come true.

For starters, the gardens are home to a variety of gorgeous tree and flower arrangements to explore over a massive 55 acres. The Carrell Woodland Sculpture Trails and Japanese Garden are two gems of the trail that deserve your attention if you’re a photographer. Meanwhile, art exhibits including paintings and sculptures are in constant rotation throughout the Gardens’ museum.

The Opryland Hotel

The Opryland Hotel represents one of the world’s largest hotels and likewise a hotspot for photographers. Some of the top things to do and see at Opryland that make for great photo ops include…

  • The 50,000 exotic plants scattered throughout the resort’s gardens
  • The waterfalls at the Cascade Atrium
  • A boat ride through the resort’s Delta Atrium
  • The resort’s luxury indoor waterpark

Making the most of a trip to Nashville means taking in on the sights you possibly can. Prioritize the spots above for some spectacular photographs and great times alike – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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