9 Sites With Very Creative Navigation

Website design require the navigation on the site to be simple and understandable so users can navigate fast without loosing interest. It is very important for the user to find the information he needs as quickly and as easily as possible. Recently, however, there are websites with custom navigation and, surprisingly, unusual solutions can be just as effective. In most cases, non-standard navigation is used on the websites of designers, photographers and creative agencies – for them it is a great opportunity to show what they can do. It is like their portfolio which should be as creative as them.



The designers of this site felt that the menu is not necessary,it looks like an ordinary one page website,but it’s not.Yes, it is a one page website,you need to scroll. So you scroll, scroll, and then bam!,and you are shown an incredible animation.And then it becomes clear that the people from the creative agency are real professionals,not a lot of web designers can come up with such a creative idea and bring it to life.



Portfolio of  designer Yafii Olson is a funny cartoon. Animated elements move when you scroll the page, which is pretty interesting. All navigation elements are also drawn by hand. The only drawback is long loading time.



Pete Notteydzha’s portfolio is quite standard. Navigation is simple and clear. All the fun happens when the user begins to follow links. It is a non-standard solution for a portfolio of a broadcaster.



Designer Matilda Yakon decided to use a circular menu as navigation. It is difficult to say if this is a good idea.The user is not immediately clear on what you need to click on the differently colored items in the menu.But the site is interesting,you can’t argue with that.

When delve into the idea, you realize that the designer wanted an unusual way to introduce potential customers to the work.



On the site of writer Moira Young, a visitor can immediately see the sidebar. However, the white dots on the gloomy image situated in the center, are also elements of the navigation. It is unclear why it was necessary to duplicate the menu,but you have to agree,it’s hard not to click on the little dots.



Very interesting site with scenes from famous Hollywood films. Understanding is not easy at first, but then it becomes clear that the creators of the site show you the color palette of different still movie shots. Clicking on the horizontal bar, the user can view one.



Portfolio designer and web developer Nicholas Elizagi is just a written in huge letters list. Hovering on the next job, this section changes colour and by clicking the user arrives at a page with a description of the project.



Website of a company that constructs swimming pools. The site has a very unusual navigation scheme. Together with animation,it looks very interesting.



Excellent site about a small French town,Grimoville.You can make a virtual trip through the narrow medieval streets, but can slow down in a pleasing location any time you want. Immediately hints appear and by clicking on one, you can view the video of this place or an watch an interview from people living in a particular house. Because the site is very “heavy”,some pages take time to load.

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