9 Things Which Are Still Illegal

There are things in this world which are still illegal and these things are slightly mind-boggling. Here are some of the unusual things which are still illegal.

1. Gambling in a library

11 Things You Only Do When You’re Drunk

2. Wearing armor inside the Houses of Parliament

Sauron Custom Leather LOTR-Inspired ArmorSauron Custom Leather LOTR-Inspired Armor

3. Claiming a whale


4. Bootlegging booze

Belgium’s Historic Bruges Will Get A Beer Pipeline

5. Using too many coins

Game Of Thrones Coins (6)

6. Putting caffeine in soft drinks

Coca-Cola Vs. Pepsi (7)

7. Dwarf-tossing and pig-greasing

Animals Wearing Adorable Crochet Hats

8. Eating people

iPad Air wallpapers

9. Kinder Surprise


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