Top Selling Games Of All Time On Popular Platforms


COD 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

From its launch on November 9, 2010, the game has amassed a record $12.78 million in sales revenue. The popularity is built on deep cinematographic effects and versatility to utilize a great number of trademark military vehicles. This is the first version that is based on cold war era and offers a great deal of customizable weaponry including crossbows, dragon breadth rounds, and ballistic knives. The reality is enhanced by integrating elements such as instant kills with a single blow. The campaign is a single player storyline but users have given rave reviews on multiplier version including the deathmatch where opponents try to capture the opposing team’s flag.


The Sims 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

Ten year and almost $16 million dollars later, the Sims still attracts a loyal following. The original Sims was an instant hit due to an extended gameplay, which unlike other games, allowed even casual users to achieve their objectives without delving in complex affairs. Since the first release, two sequels including Sims 2 and Sims 3 have been released with their own expansion packs. Still, the charm of original Sims lies in the challenge of creating a unique person whose destiny depends on the choice that user makes. The game is a combination of decision that will lead Sims to act on real life events including highly intelligent gameplay such as household brawls, drowning and boot camps.


Super Mario 64 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

It was the first widely publicized game to utilize 3D platform dimensions. The game was introduced in 1996 but fans still enjoy a high caliber game play that allows them to revive the character of Super Mario Bros and put it to test in the 3D world of Princess Peach’s Castle. Perhaps, the unrelenting success of Super Mario 64 can be attributed to its ingenuity that gradually increases with every passing stage. Each obstacle course consists of trap doors, secret passages, monsters and coins. Game control is enhanced by using a combination of buttons to perform special jumps. Users can punch using the controller analog stick and perform a variety of challenging actions from back flips to triple high jumps.


GTA San Andreas 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

Reaching a whopping $20 million in sales revenues, this is the eight game in a series of sandbox style adventure series. Unlike its predecessors, the character can swim and climb walls for the first time. The plot is set around a gang member Carl “CJ” Johnson who travels to San Andreas trying to unravel the murderer of his mother. The open world environment is enhanced by the fact that the new city San Andreas is twenty times bigger than the original Vice City and five times bigger than Liberty City. Game play features a horde of interactive places and includes gang wars, car modifications, burglary missions, mini games, money and multiplayer mode.


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

Just released in June, the game has already taken number one spot in all time best seller of Nintendo 3DS. Critics believe that the new gameplay is more absorbing than the original because it includes modified MasterQuest dungeons and mirrored overworld. Players can also divulge in Boss Challenges by fighting all of the bosses, one at a time. The complexity can be increased to allow Bosses to inflict double the damage with a single blow. New players may like optional video clips called ‘Visions’ that help solve riddles.


Pokémon Red Green Blue 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

The most popular series of GameBoy has done more than $30 million dollars of business. The objective of the game is to defeat the four legendary trainers. The quest also features wild creature whose goal is to prevent Pokémon from reaching the elite four. An international version also includes a different aim of retrieving 151 available Pokémon. Despite its release in 1996, the game continues to attract large number of gamers due to the ease of setting multiplayer mode and trade features involving decision making skills.


Wii Sports 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

The game is considered by many as the future of interactive gaming. Using the innovative motion censoring capabilities of Wii Remote, players use their body to give computer generated signals to control their character. The five sports games include tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing. The multi-player capability allows competing with other players. Since its release, the game has attracted a large number of adult audience including seniors. During the games, every player is either awarded an experience points or penalized for not maintaining the computer skill level standard. Achieving 1000 skill points turns a player ‘pro’ demanding respect from others, in multi-player mode.


Gran Turismo PS1 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

The Gran Turismo series is perhaps one of the most demanding tasks ever undertaken to simulate reality. Both for developers and gamers, the rewards were instantaneous. Gamers can choose from a variety of different sports car models that are licensed from the original manufacturers and behave in the manner of real cars. Besides one of the best ever game graphics, players excel only after fine tuning the performance of their respective cars. The advance features of Gran Turismo include competing against sixteen other players, at once. According to the officials, the cars in the first series were made by using 300 polygons. The fifth series of Gran Turismo is a testament to graphic design as new cars are made from 500,000 polygons.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 9 Top Selling Games of All Time on Popular Platforms

Few platform games have found rave following as the Sonic series. The second version comes with an additional character, Tails the Fox. The eventual goal is to stop Dr. Robotnik from doing his evil deed. Two players can control both characters but in two player mode, the screen focuses on Sonic. In multiplayer the screen is split between the rivals. Enhanced graphics and seven advance stages have helped this game gross $6 million. Actually, Sonic the Hedgehog is solely responsible for bringing Sega on terms with Nintendo, capturing almost 50% market share within the first six months of its release.

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