90s Apple Sneakers Are Auctioning For $15,000

Apple Sneakers

Sometime during the early 1990s, Steve Jobs was not with the company. Apple produced a pair of sneakers branded with the company’s old rainbow logo that was exclusively given out to its employees. They’re rare and not often photographed, you can check it out on Google if you don’t believe me, but now thanks to Heritage Auctions, you can spend a lot of money and grab a piece of Apple history.

The auction is starting at $15,000 — far more than some Represent Dusk Boots that you should probably just go buy instead, The Apple sneakers come in a size 9 1/2, but you probably aren’t going to wear sneakers for which you paid, at a minimum, $15,000. Heritage Auctions expects that price to double when the auction becomes available on eBay this Sunday on June 11.


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