A Brief Guide to Dota 2

Dota 2 is a fantastic MOBA game developed by Valve in association with an individual known as IceFrog, whose identity remains mysterious to this day. Dota, and later Dota 2 matches, began long before The International 2011, the event that made the game hugely popular and effectively turned it into an esports played by millions. The past decade has been a great one for Dota 2, and the game is played today by over 7 million people, with millions more still being interested in its professional circuit. Whether they watch it for fun or with the goal of betting on the Dota 2 matches, it’s clear that people all over the world adore this esport.


How Dota 2 Is Played

Dota 2 is a very challenging game, with over 120 heroes and over 200 items to choose from. Combine this with the fact that matches are played in a 5v5 format and you’ll immediately realize that the possibilities are practically endless.

Being a MOBA game, Dota 2 mixes RTS and RPG elements. The result is impressive: RTS action on a two-sided map divided by a river, but with agents (called heroes) that grow just like in RPGs. You start at level 1 and can go up to level 30 in under one hour. The more creatures and enemy heroes you kill, the more experience and gold you get.

The levels you gain make you stronger and give you skill points that you can use to unlock or upgrade one of your 4 (or more in some cases) abilities. The gold can be utilized to purchase items, which can be upgraded into more powerful ones. The entire system is designed in such a way that you can never become too familiar with it.

Every single game is unique, not only because the hero compositions of the two teams are almost guaranteed to be unique, but also because there are multiple ways of playing each hero. The role you choose to play within your team, the order in which you maximize your abilities, and the items you buy create each time a new experience.


The Primary Objective

Dota 2

In Dota 2, the primary goal is to destroy the other team’s Ancient. This structure is located in its base and to reach it you will need to destroy at least 5 enemy towers, 3 of which need to be located on the same lane. The map is divided into 3 lanes and every one of them is defended by 3 towers, enemy creatures that spawn every 30 seconds, and enemy heroes.

A Dota 2 match usually lasts for 30 – 50 minutes. During this time, the two teams seek to make themselves as strong as possible while weakening their opponent. The game revolves around several things: gold, experience, and objectives. The more gold you get, the more powerful the items you can buy. The more experience you get, the higher your level will be and the stronger your stats and abilities. And the more objectives you take (such as towers), the closer you get to the enemy base.

As you might imagine, Dota 2 teams are constantly forced to defend and attack, just like in RTS games like StarCraft 2. To do this well, players must communicate and synchronize with their teammates, always paying attention to what the enemy team is doing and reacting appropriately.




Each player picks a hero at the start of the game and tries to fulfill a key role within their team. The role can be one of the following 5: Carry (position 1), Mid (position 2), Offlaner (position 3), Roamer (position 4), or Support (position 5). Some heroes are much better at some of these roles than others. For example, if you pick Slark or Lifestealer for the Support role, people will most likely report you for ruining their game.

The number of heroes you can choose from is immense but it takes a long time to master each hero. You can play hundreds of games with it and still have a lot more to learn about what can be done with it in various circumstances.

Most heroes have 4 abilities, 3 of which can be unlocked at level 1. The 4th is called the ultimate and becomes available at level 6. Of course, heroes have a lot of other characteristics, such as health points, armor, attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, magic resistance, and so on. The same things that you might find in an RPG like Diablo 2 Resurrected, you can expect to find in Dota 2 as well.




Another crucial aspect of the game is the items. These items can give you new abilities, enhance existing abilities, or provide augmentations for your hero: agility, strength, intelligence, movement speed, damage, evasion, armor, invisibility, and much more. What items you buy and the order in which you buy them has a huge impact on your game.

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