A Brilliant STAR WARS Fan Film Titled KENOBI


Check out this brilliant Star Wars fan film which is called Kenobi. The story explores Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jamie Costa) and his relationship with Owen Lars (Tommy Snider) and Beru Lars (Maxine Phoenix) who swore to protect their nephew Luke Skywalker (Audie Rick).

While Obi-Wan and Owen have their disagreements, they work collectively to keep Luke safe from Imperial forces who come to Tatooine looking for the child. The concept is brilliant and it is executed beautifully.

The short film comes from Jason Satterlund, and as you’ll see, it has excellent production value! It’s so great that it’s insane to think that this is a fan-film as the production value is brilliant.

This is a fan film and not an official affiliation to Lucasfilm/Disney. Please enjoy our love letter to Star Wars. And may the force be with you ALWAYS!



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