A Case Study on Instagram Auto Likes Engagement


Instagram is surely a great platform to become popular online and many people have even made a fulfilling career with it as well. Therefore, more and more people are moving towards Instagram with the motive of building their presence on this platform as well.

Hence, people are trying hard but still, one thing that they all agree is that the growth rate on Instagram is very slow since people are already captured by the top guns and with that, attracting the audience and getting them engaged in your profile is a really hard thing.

Therefore, people start using services such as paid Instagram likes so that they can grow really fast and outburst their competitors. But they don’t seem to be using it in the correct way. Therefore, they start complaining that the likes that you buy do not get your engagement.

However, that’s not true at all because they don’t know the fundamental concept of the Instagram auto likes engagement. Therefore, so as to prove such people wrong, this article will conduct a theoretical case study on the paid likes and will tell you what you were doing wrong if you are among the people who say that these paid likes just don’t work.

Therefore, without any delay, let us just get started with the topic.


Paid Instagram likes – expectations VS reality

What people think of the paid Instagram likes is that they will be getting likes by the people who will regularly check their page and like their other posts as well. However, what they miss out is that they get what they pay for and in this case, these are the likes.

The core concept of these likes is to portray an image of being valuable on the unknown organic traffic that visits your page so that they can know that your account provides some value to them and that’s why it has so many likes. Therefore, when people see so many likes, they start following you and like your posts naturally. You can’t expect to get an evergreen audience with a small amount of money and you still need to work so that you can achieve it.

Therefore, let us now know what you might be doing wrong that led your investment to waste while trying to get Instagram auto likes engagement. Therefore, let us just get started with the first point:


  1. You might not be providing them valuable content-

Getting likes is just not enough! People are on your page to get some value and for that, you need to create the content that keeps them engaged. Therefore, for that, you can post numerous types of things such as polls, questions, quizzes, and literally anything that you believe they will find interesting. Therefore, with this, you will be able to get the audience engaged and they will start checking you out on a daily basis for more of such content.

Hence, the key is to create quality content and keep them busy with your page. You need to post things that are relevant to your page and stop posting anything that is out of context. The reason for this is that the audience that you have is interested in the domain under which your page is made and they don’t like anything other than it. Therefore, posting irrelevant things will bring no value to your page and you might lose your audience as well. Therefore, now you have to keep these two things in mind while you post anything on the page in which you have bought paid likes.


  1. You are promoting way too much-

The next big mistake that you might be making is that you might be promoting other pages way too much. Again, this decreases the value for your natural followers and they stop following you because they start considering you nothing more than an ad junkie. Therefore, don’t promote too much and keep it in a limit, and don’t forget to provide them valuable content.

Even if you are promoting then make sure that you do promotion in a way that it doesn’t seem like a promotion at all. Try to get some value in promotions too. For example, if you have a page that is related to photography and you want to promote a person who is also related to photography then consider sharing the best click-by him and mentioning his name and nothing else. Instagram does not require a call to action and the mention is enough to work as a call to action. Therefore, make sure that you promote it in the right way as well.

Moreover, don’t go out of context while promoting someone and make sure that it matches your niche. What is the purpose of promoting a toy store on a photography page? Try to stick with your niche and even if you go out of context then connect it with your niche in a unique way. For instance, if you want to promote a café on your photography page then ask the owner for the best clicks of the café and then use those pictures as content for your page and promote the café hand in hand. This way you will not only get some quality content for your page but you will also promote something that is entirely different from your niche.



Instagram is surely a great platform that can be increased with some clever techniques. The paid Instagram auto likes engagement is just one of the many tactics for the same. But people always blame others for their mistakes. Now with the help of this post, you might be able to know the right way to use those paid likes so that you can get the audience engaged in your content and your investment does not go in vain. Make sure you keep the things mentioned above in mind and work according to it only. Otherwise, you will again start blaming the paid likes for it. That’s all we have for today.


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