A Character From Captain America’s Past is Confirmed For AVENGERS 4

Captain America

One more character has been confirmed for Avengers 4 and this new character ties to the past of Captain America. If you don’t want to know who this character is, you don’t want to read it further:


Many of the fans have questioned if HYDRA operative Brock Rumlow a.k.a. Crossbones would return to the MCU, and now you have your definitive answer.

During a recent interview with the UFC Unfiltered podcast (via Games Radar), actor Frank Grillo approved the character’s return in Avengers 4. He told them:

“[Crossbones] makes an appearance in [Avengers 4], but it’s a flashback.”

He says it’s a flashback scene, but it could also very well be a scene that includes the Avengers going back in time, well I was thinking that this will happen but He didn’t go into any more detail than what he said above, so now it just up to the fans to think how Crossbones could end up going into the story of the new upcoming Avengers 4.

What is it between Captain America and Crossbones that has to do with what the Avengers will go through in Avengers 4? Could it be the start of the pressure between the team? After all, it’s the story at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War that established the Sokovia Accords into action which created a lot of tension within the Avengers.

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