A Difficult Relationship with “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort

 The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese created an incredible picture in 2013. This is, of course, about The Wolf of Wall Street. Everyone wondered, “Are you serious? Did they really live and work like that? Did Jordan Belfort really spend 2 million dollars on a bachelor party?

It’s about a great speaker, a man who inspired people to earn money for him, a man who could afford to throw lobsters at the FBI employees, a millionaire who built a career, and about whom a brilliant director made a film. It’s about Jordan Belfort.

How it all started?

After graduating from school, Jordan entered the university and got a degree in biology. Apparently, he did that just in case. His story proves once again that, regardless of education, you can always achieve your goal. However, initially, he decided to go to the University of Maryland to become a dentist, but he changed his decision when he found out that the “golden age” of dentistry in America had been over, and only people who want to help others study here. Belfort would have been glad to provide all possible assistance, but he preferred earnings, not charity. Shortly thereafter, a family friend helped him get a job at a brokerage office, where a little wolf began to make his way.

How little wolf became a big one

When Jordan just passed all qualifying exams, Black Monday took place, and many brokerage agencies went bankrupt. Being unemployed for some time, he got a job in a mediocre agency. However, very soon, he realized that he could deceive people at a much higher level. Gathering a team of ambitious guys, he founded one of the largest brokerage agencies in the USA. Talking about the leisure of these guys, you might immediately think about the scene of the movie when dwarfs were thrown at a target. Do you think this is the writers’ fantasy? It is not. Besides, spending on prostitutes was included in the income tax returns. It was an excellent motivation for many employees. Frankly speaking, some working days of these guys were funnier than your corporate parties. Nonetheless, drugs had a special place in Belfort’s life, and it was one of the reasons for the divorce with his second wife. Belfort did all sorts of drugs, and in fact, everything had been much worse than it was shown in the film. Do you remember the bachelor party, which cost $2million? Whores, alcohol, and drugs were an integral part of each party, but the lion’s share of this amount as compensation to the hotel – $700.000. The whole floor was “destroyed” during the celebration.

Life afterward

The results of such a hectic life were divorce and debts of 110 million dollars, although you saw the sum of 20 million in the movie. Belfort paid off the deceived investors, or rather, he paid off half of the amount and, by a court decision, became free from paying the second half. Since he is forbidden to engage in the manipulation of securities, today, he teaches people the art of sales. As a business coach, he has created his own scheme, which allows you to convince almost any person to buy this or that thing. The memoirs of “The Wolf of Wall Street” were written by Belfort himself, and he got a lot of money for the film version. Jordan teaches that motivation, ethics, interest have priority in sales over abilities and skills. Do you know which drug Belfort considers the strongest? It’s not about amphetamine or cocaine, but, as it’s not difficult to understand, it’s about money. You will hardly meet a person who will argue this statement.


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