A Eulogy For Phone Booths in the Movies

Phone Booths in the Movies

We see a lot of phone booths in movies but these days we are not seeing them awful a lot. Well, now we don’t have many phone booth movies anymore and as we don’t see phone booths in real life, mobile phones made them somewhat obsolete. They are a thing from the past now.

Luís Azevedo and Jake Cunningham of Little White Lies have made a heartwarming tribute video to the phone booth and the big role that they’ve played in many of the movies that have been made. This video, which is called Missed Call: A Eulogy For The Movie Phone Booth, is the fitting send-off.

…a public payphone can be called on for a small gag or a major plot point. But as movies and technology evolve, the phone booth is being left behind. …The phone booth is a location for metamorphosis. Without one, Superman is just Clark Kent. In a world without them, Edward Norton never becomes Brad Pitt, and the Rocket Man never comes out of the closet.

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