A Lawyer Breaks Down The Laws Broken In Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Everyone loves Indiana Jones and watched all of his movies many times we’ve rooted for him as he left on his crazy and dangerous archeological adventures. Well, it turns out that Jones is a criminal and he broke all sorts of laws on these adventures!

Attorney Devin Stone of LegalEagle shared a video that points out and breaks down the laws that Jones broke and he explains the penalties he’d face for robbing graves, transporting stolen artifacts, murder, and even rape. Ops! That’s right, Marion was only 15 years old when Jones first had a connection with her. The 1920s and 1930s were a very different time, though. Young girls were getting married that young in those days too much older men.

There are many things mentioned in this video that I never really thought of while watching these Indiana Jones movies. You don’t really think about what’s legal and what’s not when you’re watching movies. It makes things quite complicated.


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